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My Hero Academia Season 6 – Episodes 114-115

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my hero is back, the stakes have never been higher. With an alliance of villains now sitting atop an army of 100,000 dissidents, and Shigaraki on the verge of a mad science metamorphosis, the peace of the world has never been more precarious. So in classic teenage fashion, it’s time for a war arc in which nearly every named character is damned in the series, as well as a few new additions just for flavor.

You can read my impressions of the episode 114 in this season’s preview guide as we Once’ there is a returning MHA season with no reruns. It’s not in name anyway, as the opening lines are still mostly positioning and telling us where the most important characters are in this battle of the two fronts. The short version is: Deku is in the back row with the kids, doing evacuation and support, so for the foreseeable future, that’s going to be the adults’ job. It’s a bit odd since most series can’t wait to make some kind of loophole that sends their teenage protagonists into the abyss of battle, but considering all of our protagonists are still high school students, temporary license, it makes perfect sense here The practice asskicking is damn. They’ll no doubt end up getting involved anyway, but adults deserve credit for recognizing that sending partially trained minors to the front is a bad move in every way.

Well, with some exceptions, there are some students who are specifically Against certain enemies who could tear apart the ranks of heroes, this is where our boy Kaminari is drawn into the fray, kicking and screaming. I’ll admit I’ve never been a huge Kaminari fan – he felt like a nasty accomplice in Mineta’s worst scenes in the early seasons, and he’s been a great sidekick for Bakugou since then, but If you don’t have the energy to really carry the scenes on your own. But one of the fun things about big clashes like this is that they allow supporting characters to shine, and Chargebolt looks really cool here, surrounded by lightning and staring at his opponent with a hellish smirk. The impetus he needs to overcome his fear is to think about protecting Jiro, which is so sweet. As a fellow Jiro, I salute his dedication to the cause. She still won’t date you though, man, sorry. But the real star of this episode is the lady it’s named after: Mirko. The bunny in question has hopped a few times over the past few seasons, taking the internet by storm on the strength of character design alone. Here, she finally had time to shine, and it wasn’t wasted. The best fights in MHA in my opinion, on a purely technical level, are the two characters whaling each other in the game, with obvious skins and flying meat all over the place in her fight with High – the end Noam. The conflict was quick and brutal, and Mirko ripped off his own arm by ) to escape from enemy control. To get a measure, she then ripped open the criminal’s head with the force of her thighs. We should all be lucky when we go. Aside from my almost unrestrained desire, it’s a killer way to start the fight, telling the audience and characters that it’s a constant battle and that anyone risks losing their lives, limbs, or both.

From a sheer spectacle perspective, this is a real Great way to kick the ball out of a season that’s sure to be heady battles, especially with Shigaraki’s Awakening Ghost hanging like a ticking clock. From the perspective of someone who makes a living writing the show, it presents some challenges. I’m kind of used to having solid character motivations or bigger themes to talk about during MHA’s biggest moments, but if we expand the cast a little bit, that doesn’t work for me. So unless my editor agrees I become 500-word per Zhou wrote a love letter to Mirko, I might need to do some experimental moves forward. Just wait and see.


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