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My Hometown Hero ‒ Episode 6

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©Naoki Yamakawa, Masashi Asaki, Kodansha/”My Home Hero” Animation Committee

There is an old saying: “Soldiers don’t come with blood.” After all, no matter how much you plan or think up Unfortunately, people rarely react the way you want them to, and there are always things you didn’t expect, ready to bite you in the ass.

Fortunately, Zeff can understand this matter. Of course, it would be nice if Kasen’s faked video evidence convinced everyone that Nobuto was alive, but it would be foolish to bet everything on that. Instead of wasting time thinking about how they found out it was fake, he spent time thinking about what it means for a fake to exist — and how to use it to protect himself and his family.

Now the question is: who will forge evidence to believe people still alive? Of course, the murderer was at the top of the list. But what about the disgraced, middle-class gangsters who, on a mission to hunt down the killer, failed to find them? With his career (if not his life) at stake, Nobuto being alive will clear him of any wrongdoing.

Majima almost certainly from his moment Just realized this after hearing the video. After all, he’s convinced Tetsuo is the murderer (even if he came to that conclusion the wrong way). However, there’s just one major problem: lack of evidence. As Majima said, as a yakuza, he doesn’t need evidence – which is not the case. The level of evidence he needs to present is probably higher than any courtroom. After all, he doesn’t need convincing 20 Jury finds Tetsuo guilty; he needs to convince his boss and Nobuto’s father.

The reason why it is so difficult is because of Tetsuo himself. He knocked down a 20 – for someone who is no stranger to fighting, it’s laughable that it’s covered up so well that the underworld can’t find any evidence of it. What’s worse (for Majima anyway) is that Tetsuo is just too good to be true – all the low-level gangsters love him. He’s genuinely interested in their work, almost like a rabid fan meets his idol. It makes them feel special in what is usually a thankless job. Even better, they felt they could take him at face value, since they had the material to blackmail him. In a world where rival gangs, the police, and even your boss are threats, the harmless are king.

That’s why Majima has been trying to get Tetsuo frank. Only the recording of Tetsuo’s repeated words can convince the superiors that this ordinary person has committed the crime of murder. If he can’t get that, he needs to find some kind of physical evidence, like a piece of Nobuto’s body or something like that. That’s why he went to Zhe Nan’s house. Of course, he never thought that Jiaxian was Zhefu’s accomplice.

Kasen is the real star of this episode. Here we see her act without Tetsuo’s direct guidance and get him out of trouble. She doesn’t lose her composure for a moment – acting as if she’s just trying to find out who Mashima is and that he was responsible for the break-in at her home. But more importantly, we get to see how cold-blooded she is. Not only does she add alcohol to Majima’s drink, she also adds alcohol to Tetsuo’s – at the expense of her husband’s suffering, giving them plausible excuses.

All in all, the episode ended loosely and worked out Tetsuo’s next plan to escape death at the hand of Yakuza. It also manages to get some humor out of the usually high-tension plot throughout the cathartic situation, while delivering some great character beats for all involved. Even though it didn’t quite reach the heights of last week’s episode, it was still a perfect 12 minutes of animation.


random thoughts:

• Well, dumping Nobuto’s rotting remains on the ground is a great way to make sure no one digs them up again.

• Awww. Kasen read Tetsuo’s book. She really is a wonderful wife.

• I love Kasen’s reaction to blackmail material – Knowing rightly that showing it to the police is a lot more trouble for the yakuza than it is for Tetsuo.

• While Reika has a bit of a wild card, she Knowing nothing may actually be a much-needed alibi and witness of character.

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