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My Hometown Hero ‒ Episode 7

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Until this episode, the series has been about Tetsuo and Kasen trying to make themselves and their family alive. They do this by hiding evidence, gathering information and using misleading. They went to great lengths to make it look like the man had disappeared—he wasn’t dead, and he hadn’t committed any crimes. However, with the deadline to find Nobuto looming, the couple are now forced to take a more aggressive approach. They are no longer trying to prove their innocence; instead, they are trying to frame other people for murder. Just as Zhenan was busy When it comes to knowing it all—focusing only on the goal and how to get there—Carson is forced to confront what it means. She realizes that being part of the underworld doesn’t mean one lacks a loving family outside the organization. She tries to find Majima’s house to place the evidence, but instead finds his mother’s house and talks to her. The woman told how the underworld destroyed their family business and made her husband commit suicide. The only thing keeping her going is her son – and Carson will kill him if their plan works out. It’s certainly tough for Kasen (since Majima’s mother is who she will become after she and Tetsuo fail). If their plan succeeds, they will deprive this innocent woman of her last hope in life. However, any guilt in Kasen evaporates when Majima gets Reika involved in their dangerous game. Not only is she willing to take part in taking a man’s life, but she’s willing to separate another mother from her child in order to protect her own.

As for Tetsuo, he is still hard to understand He’s not alone in this matter. While he has begun to include Kasen in all of his plans, he sees her more as a lackey than as an equal partner—that is, someone who can be trusted to do as directed, but not one who can The person who proposes the plan. When Tetsuo finds out that Majima is trying to get close to Reika – putting her in extreme danger – his first thought is to throw all his plans out the window and immediately confront Majima. Fortunately, Carson was there to stop him. She’s far calmer than he is and can see the bigger picture even when he’s in a state of total panic. There’s no time to plan, so he has to decide whether he trusts his wife to handle the situation entirely on her own, while he takes the time and opportunity to plant evidence in Majima’s apartment. Fortunately, he can do so.

However, the mood swings of all this make Iron Man made his first big mistake. He’s so focused on getting to Majima’s place before Majima notices his absence, gathering evidence and returning to Reika’s apartment, that it never occurs to him that Majima is in no hurry – he doesn’t even leave his apartment to meet Reika. So the episode ends on a cliffhanger when Tetsuo finds Majima stepping out of the apartment’s elevator. To make matters worse, Zhefu’s bag still contained all the evidence that the letter was killed.

All in all, this is a great suspense to A solid plot. Carson’s character development suggests she’s grappling with the morality of their actions. It also highlights that despite Tetsuo’s quick thinking and cunning mind, he is still as prone to simple mistakes as anyone else. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out how much he messed up.


random thoughts:

• Reika does care about her family, but being kept in the dark is both a bad thing and a good thing. Honestly, she can’t betray them by giving information she doesn’t have. However, if Mashima can turn her into a spy…

• I love how Kasen learned the gangster trick of using “investigation” as a means of gathering information.

• Tetsuo almost lets panic take hold of him. Killing Majima wouldn’t save his family – rather, it would make him the only suspect in both killings (even though he also tried to cover up Majima’s fact).

• Maybe Majima could be a real ally Tetsuo gives his background. That said, Tetsuo would be foolish to take the risk when he had no other options.

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