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My Hometown Hero ‒ Episode 9

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©Naoki Yamakawa, Masashi Asaki, Kodansha/My Hero Animation Committee

Presumably everyone is familiar with the “who did it?” style of mystery that permeates through the culture, if nothing else. Part of the fun of these stories is collecting all the evidence and the various character testimonies and trying to solve the mystery before the detective character puts it all together. In general, “” is another mystery. We know who did it, so it’s more of a “how are they going to get away with it?” than anything. However, when it comes to this episode, it breaks the series’ usual pattern of not having a “who did it?” but a “how?”

While at first, the episode seems to follow suit as usual, Tetsuo follows the gangster – Majima, most specifically. When Tetsuo is out of Majima’s hearing range, we don’t see what he says or does (except for the first few seconds, anyway). While it may not be obvious at first, it’s a directorial technique designed to keep the audience in the dark — and doing so creates a moment of major revelation later. In this case, the revelation is based on the fact that somehow Nobuto’s bones have been placed in a safe in Majima’s home. It’s “How?” Our job is to solve problems. my-home-hero-9

As for the “how?” answer, it’s a good thing. We are all familiar with locations and safes. Heck, Tetsuo didn’t even enter the apartment, let alone open the safe, until the last episode. Also, while Majima does open his safe in Tetsuo’s presence, we see Tetsuo looking in another direction and therefore don’t know the code or the contents. my-home-hero-9 We got some hints towards the end of the episode, let’s speculate. We see some of what Tetsuo has been up to – how he manipulates Mashima into thinking Takeda is setting him up, and Takeda thinks Mashima is behind Nobuto’s murder (the unsolved robbery being the motive). Yet the crux of it all – the implantation of the evidence – remains almost a mystery. my-home-hero-9 Of course, the one thing we do know is “Who did it?” – this Made us think of everyone’s favorite “Ordinary Housewife” Carson. Even though we only see a few seconds of her in this episode, they tell a lot. Kasen nonchalantly stretching his body and taking some good old-fashioned breaks before being knocked off the roof is not only great black humor, but an important character beat as well. Like when she walks into the murder in the first episode, she seems to have an almost terrifying level of emotional control. It’s as if committing a major crime is no different to her than dealing with some minor family crisis or whatever. While Tetsuo is thrilled and thrilled by the true mystery story of herself being the culprit, Kasen isn’t even bothered by her situation. She has a task to accomplish for her family and all other worries are put aside. It makes her look kind of crazy and badass. I can’t wait until next week to see how she sets everything up. Rating: Random thought: • Tetsuo is here One episode gets deadpan, to the point of being unnatural – though it’s unlikely the gangsters will notice. my-home-hero-9 my-home-hero-9• I wonder if Tetsuo is doing something in the off-screen apartment To help Kasen – like opening the windows while Majima cooks for him. Killing Nobuto, the fact that it came from a random email is very suspicious and makes it feel like Majima is being framed (which he is).

• interesting. Therefore, the motive of Xinren approaching Lingxiang is to ask for money from her family. However, Tetsuo seems to be an ordinary middle-level employee, and I guess Kasen’s parents are rich. However, given what we’ve seen of the two as they fall in love, it feels like they’ve become estranged, so I’m not sure the underworld’s plans have any chance of getting off the ground. my-home-hero-9my-home-hero-9my-home-hero-9

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