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My Ise Life – Episode 10

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Community Rating: 4.0

Interlude is a necessary but mostly medium episode. It serves as a bridge between the episodic story for most of the season and the climax of the secret cult plot. While it does its job and appropriately sets the stakes for the final encounter, it doesn’t make much sense for it to really stand out. This episode is a dreary but necessary bridge between the more interesting shores.

I don’t think the problem is with the functionality, but with the details of this cult conspiracy . This is basically the macro narrative of our first season, with an ominous and vague threat looming over all previous events and lurking in the shadows until the time comes. Sadly, I just don’t think the Blue Moon Cults are invested that much, and I don’t think they’re too much of a threat to me. They’re probably a little too good at lurking in the shadows, as they don’t do much throughout the season other than appear in the background. Well, that said, they didn’t do much to challenge or scare Yuji. Yuji’s powers are so powerful that any threat – from a raging army to a Godzilla-sized lava beast – can be dealt with in no time. As spectators, there was zero nervousness about this doomed season capping encounter, so we felt like we were just going through some action.

As far as he is concerned, Yuji doesn’t seem to care that much either. Every obstacle is removed almost instantly, and his deadpan makes the cult seem more like idle curiosity than a deadly threat to him or anyone else. And there isn’t much prior data to disprove that feeling, as he’s suppressed or ignored every encounter he’s had with the cult thus far. I know he’s going to open a folder full of superspells and erase them – and he seems to know that too.

We have not had any contact with other characters this season, and Very Dangerous With little screen time for beloved monster pet friends, this episode feels even more tedious. Score:

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