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My Ise Life – Episode 11

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Community Rating: 3.6

Episode managed to up the ante without changing the formula too much. At this point, all fights in the series (at least the main ones) boil down to roughly the same basic element: Yuji throwing away a bunch of blue Color folder, the slime jumps into place, and he channels the spell through the slime. Every now and then, he’ll comment on the MP drain or throw a shield, but otherwise, it’ll lather, rinse, repeat every villain the show throws at him.

This fight basically follows the same format, but no matter what Try to keep things attractive. For starters, the animations here look great, giving us a lot of smooth motion and a high level of detail for most of the runtime. It also helps that the villain has enough visual distinction to be interesting. His demon form has strong solid lines on his body (these always remind me of the characters in . hack but I’m sure they came before that series) and his humanoid acts as a good evil mirror for Yuji.

Second, although the tactics used were roughly the same as the previous battles, the This time the results were different. Yuji does the usual tricks, but they…don’t work. Absolutely not. Slime jumps and fireballs fail. The slime jumped ten times, and the fireball jumped ten times and failed. Jumping surprise slime from behind with fireball fails. All common gg is no longer the quick attack he used to use to knock down other enemies in this fight basically does nothing. There’s a real sense of tension here, as Yuji rarely needs to get out of this ruse to win a fight. I was really excited to see what happened in the episode 12.

Additionally, we got the Slime, what’s not to love? Score:



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