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My Love Story with Yamada-kun Lv999 ‒ Episode 6

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yk999061©MASHIRO/COMICSMART INC./Production Committee with Yamada-kun at Lv 169 I Think I should confirm the animated version of is my first experience with material. I haven’t read the manga, so I can’t really comment on the anime’s status as an adaptation. What I can do is Praising the anime’s production on its own merits, the direction continues to fire on all cylinders, as seen in this episode. Those girls Adaptation sensitivity is evident even if you are not familiar with the source material. The show periodically reduces characters to bobbleheads or prawns to simplify gags, or layers abstract patterns as backgrounds and filters around scenes as simple as people sitting and talking. This approach would have made this look like a pure action comic, but instead it feels more like an animated comic because of how it slices through those layers or renders the animation of the characters, even if they’re just a few circles and dots. Not to say Yamada-kun is in Lu is about creating maximum value with minimalism. There’s also some quick, fluid animation, like Akane looking for her bra before Yamada notices she’s left it outside. But overall, it contributes to a sense of nobility, and whether it’s simply describing a character’s backstory or depicting people communicating on the phone or text, the animation does what it can at any given moment. It’s amazing how this kind of energy can turn something into a “comedy,” not necessarily by joking every minute, but just by committing to presenting things with an air of professional silliness. Not that Lv Yamada-kun 600 It’s all comedy this week. I thought this story would treat the business with Runa as % resolved after the events of the last episode and moved on to other things, but continuing to introduce the character arcs here surprised me. Runa may have accepted Akane as a new friend, but as the opening account of the young girl makes clear, she’s still struggling to figure out what “friend” is to Runa. Just like Akane retreated to the hectic job of online gaming to escape the feeling of a breakup, Runa was happy to console herself with a large internet following to erase her inability to get along with people in real life. Online “fandom” is clearly a one-way transactional relationship, and Luna’s expectations collide with the give-and-take nature that Akane tempers impulsively. yk999061 yk999061 Reaching this new dynamic between these characters at this point in the story It’s ingenious, because rather than being a setup for some kind of connection conflict, we know that after last week’s resolution, Runa sincerely wants to accept and enjoy Akane’s friendship. Thus, the entire relationship becomes a vehicle for Runa to try to get used to this mutual rapport, which she may eventually extend to her classmates or other potential real-life friends. As with the stated long-term developmental goals we’ve already seen with Akane and Yamada, this is an opportunity for Runa to “level up” and become a more well-rounded person thanks to the time spent with her online gaming guild members. yk999061 yk999061 The combination of these interactions and growth shows that, trying or not, Runa still has Lots of things to do. But at least it continues to keep her out of the shadow of a potential love triangle with Akane and Yamada, even if that comes with her, Eita, and the story of shipping our heroes harder than ever. It does produce some good comedy, as Runa has only recently started trying to overcome her own social ineptitude, which means she’s not fully experienced in designing rom-com scenes properly, and Akane and Yamada are so silly they’re barely Something for such a person, first of all. And it also dramatizes things a bit more, dealing with this incongruity in a more dramatic way to end our thread, highlighting Yamada’s struggles with women more than ever, with a special emphasis on Akane herself . That way, maybe Luna’s ill-fated attempts to push them together will end up helping them grow closer. yk999061 yk999061 For this episode, though, it’s the final push that comes from this The sweetness of the episode focuses primarily on developing the Akane/Runa friendship, and it’s great to see presented in the anime’s confidently expressive style. While the series acquiesces to some of Akane’s immature foibles, the story doesn’t seem to be trying to position real-life friendships as stronger or more appropriate than online friendships or anything else. Rather, it’s about the integration of our interactions with others, specifically ensuring that we are always learning and growing from others no matter the circumstances. You can see this from the way Momoko laments that Akane spends all her time playing online games with a middle school student, and she probably has a point, except that Momoko herself is still thinking about the same self-pity loneliness, and Akane is just getting started Overcome this loneliness by playing games with people like Runa and Yamada. After all, it’s easier to grow and level up when you have party members supporting you and guild members advising you. Rating: yk999061 yk999061 Chris is busy Keep up with the new anime season, it’s a pleasure to be with you. You can also find him writing other stuff on his blog, and spamming fanart retweets on his Twitter, no matter how long it lasts.


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