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My Love Story with Yamada-kun Lv999 ‒ Episode 7

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My Love Story Yamada-kun at Lv?

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yk999071©MASHIRO/COMICSMART INC./Production Committee with Yamada-kun at Lv 169 overcome Akane’s neurosis has been , but the titular guy on our other side of the would-be couple is decidedly more opaque himself. We caught a glimpse of something happened between some girls and him when he was younger, some kind of suggestion that his unquenchable popularity caused social problems for the girls who actually tried to get out of his fan club orbit and get close to him. Exactly how it all came to a head remains unclear, but as we’ve seen during the episode’s interactions, Yamada’s reaction seems to be complete rejection, even considering that any woman he talks to has romantic intentions. possibility. This is a bit different than the “uncomfortable around women” type of guy I’m used to seeing in rom-coms like this one. Yamada technically has no problem with girls, he just can’t bring himself to understand that they often flirt with him due to his incredible gamer smoldering. If this love story is not explicitly romantic. But we still get a sense of Yamada’s preferred language of interaction, how he’s able to have an actual conversation with classmate Tsubaki, even when she’s sharply criticizing him, because it’s a topic about games he tends to engage in. Is this because the game has clear wins and losses, showing that he can pursue goals outside the vague rules of his interactions and feelings with others? Again, we don’t know enough yet, but it illustrates how we can speculate anyway about a character whose default descriptions seem blank at first glance. yk999071 yk999071 Losing yourself in Yamada’s own quiet questioning makes up the bulk of this week’s episode content. Following his brief escape from Akane’s apartment at the end of the last episode, we turn to his handling of the deal, aside from Akane’s human-catastrophe element. Heck, the story just put Akane and Runa to sleep when Yamada got back to the apartment so we could have him sit in peace instead of last week’s candy-coated mess. With someone who blurted out compared to Yamada’s constant voicing of all her feelings, his ambiguity about the situation makes us wonder about him the same way he wonders about Akane, realizing she’s bristling her hair after worrying about hitting him in the face, And then unlocked it for some reason while she was sleeping without even knowing it himself. Yamada possesses a certain level of attractiveness and romance, he just doesn’t let his vocabulary express it. Akane reacted appropriately to his changing feelings for a number of reasons. idea. Well, “proper” might not be the best word given the ever-present age gap between them, but it’s actually an integral part of how it works. Being away from the school-age cliques and politics that would cause the girls at Yamada’s school to be ostracized if they got too close to him meant that he could theoretically be with Akane without fear of hurting her as a result. Akane is also candid and forthright not only in her feelings but in the way she expresses her feelings. As evidenced by her ex-boyfriend who appears in the episode, and backed up by the guild’s plans at the end, Akane insists on trading to regulate her relationships with others. She fed her loved ones a steady stream of homemade food and went out of her way to reimburse people for computer parts and repairs, otherwise she was told not to worry. Don’t these satisfy the kind of hard-coded signifiers that Yamada prefers games to the more nebulous interactions of others? These are just potential compatibility points, not exactly “healthy” Aspects to Akane or Yamada, but it’s part of the whole process of growing up that comes with getting closer in a story like this one. In the simple situations that are common in this anime, like finishing computer repairs or preparing for a school festival, a lot of character points are thinking. That means the direction makes last week’s wild affair relatively easy, but there are still some nice touches to this one’s more low-key artistry. An interesting choice at the beginning, focusing on the lack of Focus on the face, highlighting Yamada’s difficulty interacting directly with people in his more distressed state. We linger on things like the omelette Akane and Runa made for Yamada before he came back, or the funny little “glitch” sign pasted on Akane’s malfunctioning computer. It sets this episode apart from the others while still illuminating the craft behind it. yk999071 yk999071 This means that even with all the ambiguity surrounding the characters’ growing emotions, we still Will leave feeling this week Yamada-kun in Lv

. It even kicks off a new plot line with the guild’s involvement in the festival and Akane’s “patronage.” This could provide some interesting intersections with Yamada’s school life, especially if the man shows a bond with his classmates (like the aforementioned Tsubaki). It leads us to believe that the story will if We are patient, please follow up to fill in the details about Yamada. Rating: yk999071yk999071 is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.



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