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My Love Story with Yamada-kun Lv999 ~ Episode 13

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©MASHIRO/COMICSMART INC./Production Committee and Yamada-kun in Lv100 Given how beautifully it’s put together, it’s cool that we have a full thirteen episodes . This in turn made me feel a little greedy, as this ending made me immediately wish for an entire other season of the show. I’ve been wondering for weeks how this anime will end, and its finale takes such a riveting, surprising twist that I can’t help but be fascinated by where the story took place. Start here. Yes, I know, like most things like this, I could find and catch up with the whole comic if I was really that curious. But my taste in this series has been overshadowed by Morio Asaka decided on and folks at , so I’d love to see more material filtered through their lovely Girls anime overlay.

The thing is, this ending does serve as the full end of the story, if you will. Just jumping forward instead of burying the lede, Akane and Yamada do fit together perfectly at the end, already showing signs of growing and enriching from their contact with each other. In hindsight, this is clearly where it all leads, and even with twelve episodes of lengthy romantic animation ahead, when the moment of final confirmation arrives, it looks as effortless and natural as possible. yk999131 yk999131 Compact as it is to get there, Yamada-kun Lv 300 Knowing that it needs to take care of some housekeeping first. Tsubaki, and us, pretty much knew she was about to be rejected by Yamada, but had to face it anyway. Creating time for Tsubaki is the right thing to do for both Yamada and the narrative, and the writing uses it to inform that there are some qualities left before a proper grand finale at the end. Part of it is subversive, as we suspect that the reason Tsubaki confides in her admiration for Yamada is so that Akane can finally find time to rehearse at the end of the episode. But first, it’s also a plethora of examples of how attractive these people find Yamada. Seeing him embarrassed about these things only makes his likability quotient go up even further. yk999131yk999131 Another reason for Yamada to reject Tsubaki from here is that she This situation provides one final vector that Yamada can rightly confirm a long-held suspicion: he realizes that his feelings for Akane are genuinely romantic. It’s an odd situation to try to read, and he’s confessed to Akane something that could follow up romantically, but not sure considering he’s still struggling with emotional honesty. It’s fitting in this moment, when he’s witnessing Tsubaki pouring out all her feelings and learning the true layers of experience that come from love, whether it’s reciprocated or not. Yamada gets it and professes his love for Akane to Tsubaki, but we get the impression that this is also a sign of his honesty himself felt these feelings for the first time. yk999131 Preparing for the big moment with Yamada and Akane is all about the ancient art of planning Practice and get things back to square one. Akane sets off for a FOS offline party (though in this case, with her guild members, not a public event), she meets up with Yamada a little later, and she ends up getting drunk and he has to get drunk to care her people. This leads to a lighthearted approach to the show’s tension, which creates some mild drama. Akane getting beaten up for sake is cute in its own right, but we wonder if it complicates what we assume she’s about to confess, or if her behavior will upset Yamada after he’s just embraced her feelings . she. But rather than underscoring Akane’s vulnerability as a disaster figure in a way that could be childish on the track, the anime uses the breathing space that still exists in the episode’s runtime to showcase growth that matters most. yk999131 yk999131 Yamada is very good at handling Akane in a drunk state, and gently puts her Pulled from the rowdy looking more drunk, but still sober. He acted like he really cared about her like he did when she was sick. When you see Yamada being forced to care for and protect Akane while recalling how cool and aspirational he also thinks she is, it adds an incredibly unique flavor to their relationship. This makes for a surprisingly subversive turn of the story in terms of how the confession and bonding end up happening: not because of Akane professing her love to Yamada, but because of her request he if he likes her and he is forced to seriously admit it he Realized how crazy he was about her. yk999131 yk999131 The direction decided to deploy a familiar and unique expression on Yamada This moment underscores just how special it all is; neither Tsubaki nor anyone else can provoke this kind of reaction in Yamada the way Akane does. Instead of imposing her feelings on him like his former admirers did, she genuinely asks him how he feels. Everything is on the right track, our hero has moved towards a healthier direction, Akane seems to be waking up at this point, Yamada gives her a hearty hug and promises to call her in the morning (following up on his missed call) last week), and then doing so correctly, leading to an epilogue confirming that they’ve officially announced it. The other characters around were asking “and then?” at the same pace we were at this point, which fueled my desire for a follow-up. Just the clips we see of Akane and Yamada as a couple prove that we know this relationship is great for instilling their growth. Even if we can’t follow it in anime form, it’s nice to know their story continues after they take their first steps together. yk999131 Throughout the series, I’ve been ruminating on the idea of ​​Yamada and Akane as official couples , which is a testament to its capabilities, it makes me so fond of pairing it here at the end. Yes, the age issue is somewhat tacitly mitigated by the fact that Yamada is preparing for the college entrance examination several times in this article. But making it clear how sincere and endearing their crush on each other is is going to go a long way toward making us feel like they should have been together sooner in retrospect. But at least now we can see how far they can level up together in the future. yk999131 Rating: yk999131

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