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My Master Has No Tail Anime Actor Junya Enoki

TNSK ‘s official TV anime website () The manga announced on Wednesday that Junya Enoki will play the father of the protagonist, Mazuda.

The animation will be

Premiere Tokyo MX Friday,

    MBS ) Saturday, BS Asahi Sunday and )AT-X October 4th. HIDIVE The animation will be played.

        Hideyo Yamamoto (, , ) is directing LIDEN FILMS animation. Touko Machida (, ) is overseeing the series scripts and writing them with Kei Shimobayashi , Aya Satsuki , and Yuho Togashi . Ryō Yamauchi (Sub-Character Designer) serves as both character designer and chief animation director. GARNiDELiA sang the anime’s opening theme song “Genai Yūgi” (The Ephemeral Love Game). Hinano performed the ending theme song “Virginia”.

        TV animation will appear:

        MAO as Mameda

      • Hibiku Yamamura as library

Lynn as Shirara Tsubaki Eguchi Takuya as Chunbaidan Temple

  • Ayumi Murase as Sakujiro
  • Aikawa Natsuki as Omatsu Kumi Hasegawa as Koito Yuichiro Umehara as Rakuda Ayana Taketatsu Enishi Kirino

      Akira Ishida as Utaroku Ebisuya Junichi Suwabe as Buncho Daikokutei

    • Fantasy story set in Japan Positive Times (450–). It follows Dou Tian, ​​a deformed civet cat

    A girl who dreams of being human. Maeda transforms her appearance into a beautiful black-haired human girl and heads to the bustling city of Osaka. However, people saw through Doutian’s disguise instantly, and a beautiful woman said fiercely to the dejected Doutian, “Go back.” It turned out that the woman named Wenzi was a supernatural creature herself, and she turned herself into a Rakugo (comic storytelling) A storyteller. Maeda begs Bunko to be her master and teach her how to play human.

    TNSK Manga debuts at

    Kodansha ’s

    magazine January

    , and is in progress.

    Source: Anime Website, Manga Na Tully 181275




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