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My Neighbor Totoro returns to London's Barbican in November

frso5lixmaeifvh-1-© Studio Ghibli, RSC and Nippon Television frso5lixmaeifvh-1- based on Deadline website, Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) stage adaptation Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki of373 Film will return to London Barbican Center 750 at a later date – Weekly run. The new season will start in November 15, 2022 to March 23, 2022.

Originally premiered on October 8th, 130 And got week of 000, 2022.

Priority booking for the new season starts in April 11, public reservations will start in April 11. Cast list will be announced soon.

According to Deadline, will Having become the new puppets in the returning show, director Phelim McDermott says they’ll get stronger so they can live longer. He described the puppets in the original work as archetypes.

He also said he would love the show coming to New York.

There is a – Premiere from October 8th 130 By January 21, 130. more than130, People saw the drama in this show. It was written by RSC and longtime composer Hayao Miyazaki Joe Hisaishi , who composed the music for the original film and served as the show’s executive producer. Tom Morton-Smith (Oppenheimer) adapted the story, Phelim McDermott (Akhnaten) directed the production. The show is a co-production with UK drama company Improbable and Japan’s Nippon Television .

The show won five awards at the Drama WhatsOnStage Awards in February. The play won:

  • Best Set Design – Tom Pye and Basil Twist

  • Best Lighting Design – Jessica Hung Han Yun

  • Best Sound Design – Tony Gayle
  • Best Direction – Phelim McDermott
  • Best Music Direction/Supervision – Bruce O’Neill & Matt Smith

    The show has been nominated for nine Olivier Awards; the ceremony will be held on Sunday 2 April.

    Regarding the original production’s website, director Phelim McDermott pointed out that the two girls in the story are unlikely to be played by children. “We have to use performers who can do a lot of things … puppetry, physical performance, so there are choices to be made.” He also noted that the show will not be strictly a musical, although there will be There is a band playing live music.

    McDermott also said he was introduced to Joe Hisaishi

  • in London by composer Phillip Glass; Joe Hisaishi would like to discuss adaptation to the stage. Writer Tom Morton-Smith met Hayao Miyazaki in Japan Hayao Miyazaki asked Morton-Smith if he was a feminist. Morton-Smith said, “I said ‘yes,’ it was very important to him and the girls were at the core.”

    Morton-Smith said he had Granted permission to “expand beats already present (in the film) and show some scenes that were not in the film.”

    RSC describes the production on its website:

    ” This riveting coming-of-age story explores the magical fantasy world of childhood and the transformative power of imagination, followed by Satsuki and Sister Xiaomei spent an extraordinary summer.

    ” will play a strictly restricted 17 – Weekly season starting October 8th 2024 – 21 January2022 and promises to please all generations.

    The original animation movie was moved by the two sisters Xiaomei and Xiaoyue Country meets Toth’s story oro, a wonderful creature that only children can see.

    Source: Deadline


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