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My quest for a comfortable sleep

If honesty is what we do when no one is watching, you might infer that pajamas are the closest thing to our honest selves. As a teenager indoctrinated by glitzy fashion magazines, I thought elaborate pajamas came with age. When I grew up — I think — I would wear matching oxblood and baby blue lingerie sets during the day and sparkly pajama sets at night. Birthdays come and go, but I’ve been crawling under the comforter in swirling cotton, worn down by endless dryer cycles and high-waisted briefs.

As an excuse, I might blame my 6-foot-2 frame for my disappointing pajama trajectory. Plain pajamas make me look like a scarecrow, with forearms and wrists exposed. Opting for tall men’s styles from outdoor mainstream brands like Land’s End and LLBean is a Band-Aid. However, instead of falling asleep feeling sophisticated, I felt like a character from Little House on the Prairie . Speaking of characters, I mean Pa. )

as 26 – Years old won’t do it, I started changing my life by changing my clothes. Pajamas aren’t just for sleeping; they’re clothes you wear when no one’s looking. I bought the pajamas I wanted, and the cool girl wore platform heels and cat eyes to the fancy dinner party. My oversized cotton drawer was left somewhere in a dark corner of the closet.

Arriving home late due to a looming deadline, I decided to test my hypothesis that expensive pajamas might have transformative absorbent properties that make sense every day, even while awake while standing. I slipped on a pair of Sleeper’s Party pajamas, which have become the de facto pajama off-duty look over the past few years. The effect is immediate. There’s no denying that updating the gift guide with feathers on my dining table is a pretty glamorous thing.

Black Removable Feather Pajamas Party Pajamas

pajamas striped pajamas set​​​​

Sleeper Party White Removable Feather pajamas set

0400016052752Sleeper Party Blue Vichy Detachable Feather Pajama Set

Writer and Consultant Chrissy Rutherford has always had something to wear with pajama sets. “As I get older, I’m definitely more intentional about building a pajama wardrobe that I love,” she notes. “It’s just part of my routine, like taking a shower, taking care of my skin, why not add a luxurious pajamas set? Those are the things I do to make me feel good.” I called Tori Simokov, A tall, well-known protagonist advocate, let her take it. It turned out that she was determined to wear better pajamas this year. “Suddenly, I pictured myself as a more cautious person when I slept,” she explained to me. “I’m someone who finds fun in the little things; it’s easy to find it by choosing to wear nice pajamas.”



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