Monday, September 25, 2023
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My quest for fashionable Velcro sneakers

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Oh, the satisfying crunch of the Velcro sneakers! That very onomatopoeic crunnnnnch signifies ease, ease and serious comfort. But while the sound may suggest orthopaedic bliss, what about the shoes themselves? That’s the definition of unsexy; pretty much visual sterilization for your hooves. (Maybe that’s why it’s usually loved by children or seniors.)

My first touch with Velcro sneakers, thank me ‘s boyfriend, who is non-elderly but known for his style. Not only are his Velcro sneakers bulky, they’re the color of oatmeal a day ago, with two giant Velcro straps. However, there’s something alluring about their ease: no laborious lacing, and certainly no shoehorns. Boy, are they comfortable? It’s like sliding your feet into a delicious cloud and a thousand angelic fingertips massaging your heels!

The latter state is especially fascinating for my own feet, sore from over-wearing flimsy flip-flops, High heels chafed – so I started doing some research. Few celebrities wear Velcro sneakers, even on the street, although I did find a Maria at