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My quest for the perfect suit

For a long time, I avoided suits. Part of it is that I’ve had jobs in the past that didn’t seem to require it on a regular basis. Wearing a two-piece to the crowded WeWork offices — where I work for an economically savvy publication — risks feeling overdressed or, fatally, self-important.

But honestly, my circumvention of menswear’s most historic garments is more thoughtful and layered than my current situation. In my opinion, white heterosexual businessmen yelling stock prices into their phones are all wearing suits. Not a weird black culture writer who pays his rent every month with a smile on his face. The suit suggests a stiff, old-school masculinity that I’m not interested in. Instead, when it comes to what I wear, I’m always drawn to convey some fresher, younger, more resilient masculinity. So I found some creative ways to avoid blazers and slacks. What to wear on the first day of work? Smoking Daniel Fletcher track pants, styled with an oversized button-down shirt. College graduation? White jumpsuit from Supreme. Hey, it has the word suit in it. (It also helps that this is all happening during the heyday of high-end streetwear.)

However, lately my curiosity about suits has grown, thanks to fashion designers and menswear lovers. If Luar and Louis-Gabriel Nouchi’s shows featured a plethora of suits and ties, corporate wear was on the rise, if anything. And celebrities ranging from A$AP Rocky (in Raf Simons shorts) to Emily Ratajkowski (in a miniskirt) have shown that sharply tailored suits can create casual date-night looks. This suit is no longer just for very serious people doing very serious things.

Luar’s Fall

Showcases signature suits with exaggerated shoulders. Photo: Isidore Montag / Gorunway.com2023202320232023



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