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My Recently Hired Maid Is Mysterious – Chapter 7

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Episode 7 Has the maid I hired been mysterious lately?

Community Rating: 3.9

This week’s episode directly addresses one of the series’ recurring major plot points: Yuuri didn’t understand what love was. As a real kid whose mind may have been preoccupied with losing his parents until recently, it makes sense that Yuuri couldn’t fully understand or process his attraction to Lilith. I love that Yuuri’s reaction is a lot more aloof than he usually does. While he realizes this is important, he also admits that he needs to know more about her before he can act on those thoughts fully. At the end of the day, while Yuuri does enjoy her company, Yuuri knows very little about Lilith because she still deliberately keeps it a secret from him.

This episode is filled with a lot of the usual sweet moments, but the ending is a bit The story of Lilith and Yuuri sleeping in the same bed does make me laugh, even if it’s a little predictable. We also get some idea of ​​the possible shared history between the two: Lilith sings a lullaby his mother apparently used to sing, and a quick flash that I think Lilith is from Yuuri’s memory as a high school student Pulled out. The show is very vague about Lilith’s current age, although I don’t think she’s any younger than possible 12. I’m curious what Yuuri actually remembers, but the end of the episode was a tease, not a point in the narrative progression. The show goes at its own pace, and while I may have questions and thoughts about the overall romantic development of our two main protagonists, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t fascinate me to see how this came to fruition circle. Score:



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