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My Recently Hired Maid Is Mysterious – Chapter 8

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Episode 8 Has the maid I hired been mysterious lately?

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Look I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, but I just can’t be swept up and Was swayed by the emotions this episode showed, even though I desperately wanted to do it. No, it’s not just because I have a problem with the whole concept of a young woman having a romantic relationship with a child, especially when said child is arguably in a very sensitive emotional state and is extremely afraid of being alone after losing a parent. I’ve gotten to the point where I just put it in the corner and try to appreciate everything else about the show, or at least focus on Lilith’s personal insight and general mystery, both of which are very interesting. The problem is this The set technically gave me something to chew on for both, but all I was left with was a bitter taste in my mouth.

I don’t know why we need to reread the dialogue about whether Yuuri has love On Lilith. I feel like it’s been shown many times in previous episodes that Yuuri doesn’t fully understand what love, or more specifically romantic love, is. But the way the characters speak and what’s going on here makes Yuuri feel more like he knows what romantic love is, and it’s only now being pieced together, and his attitude shows that. Even if it boils down to repetitive story beats, it just feels a little inconsistent. I don’t think it was that easy to swallow that was what led to that conversation.

Why did Yuuri keep discussing whether Lilith kept a secret from him? Been in pain since jumping? This is a woman who randomly comes into your life and doesn’t tell you anything about herself or where she came from. The biggest mystery of the series is that Yuuri has some kind of history with Lilith and are bickering here because of past connections. We know she was working as a maid at another agency and she was explicitly trying not to go back. Yuuri knew it all, and the episode inspired him to piece together the beginning of what they did know in the past. He just doesn’t remember everything about it. What I want to ask is, why on earth can’t Lilith tell Yuuri what their past relationship was like? Before, she had a feeling that she almost didn’t want him to know, but now, seeing his determination to remember, she seemed to have no scruples. She even seemed flattered by the idea…so what’s stopping her?

That’s why it’s so hard for me to get into the emotion of this episode: feeling A lot of the setting for these big emotional moments is based on superficial writing, especially compared to what we got before. A lot of things could have been resolved when we finally figured out all the details, but if this episode was going to be as impactful as I think it was trying to do with a romantic confession then it needs to give us more why these two A reason that can’t come any closer than it is now. I’ll be very disappointed if it turns out that the only thing Lilith has done in the past is being Yuri’s babysitter, but I’ll keep an open mind and hopefully eat my words in the next few episodes. Score:



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