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My Recently Hired Maid is Mysterious – Chapter 9

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Episode 9 Has the maid I hired been mysterious lately?

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It feels like a big detour. Instead of the intense and romantic progression of last week’s episode, this episode instead focuses on a whole new character, although she can Given their past relationship, we’ve already revealed more about Lilith, and we ended up just revisiting the same stance from past episodes from a slightly different angle. I know Yuuri’s announcing his love for Lilith and expressing it should have something to do with the character development of this new character, but I feel like this should be much later, or could be rewritten to happen earlier in the show.

At least Nakajima looks cute (I’m a girl Sharp teeth for a fool), some insights and interesting lessons can be drawn from her character. For example, there is an argument that a more naive, more direct way of expressing one’s feelings is healthier than the more mature and mature way of doing things that is generally considered to be. Yuuri has no filter and is very direct, so he has no problem with his constant expressions of love, and Nakajima feels she needs to hide it even though it’s obviously painful because that’s what adults do. It’s a bit odd indeed that the show almost feels like Lilith has a reason to hide the fact that she’s with Yuuri, and this episode doesn’t really show that. Instead, she appears to have quit her job, rejecting rather obsessive letters asking her to come back, so similar to last week, I’m not sure why the show needs to treat it as some sort of mystery.

What’s more, at the end of this episode, we Got a strange sentence, Lilith doesn’t know how to talk to Yuuri now after confessing to Yuuri. I’m not sure if it’s just another example of her not knowing how to express herself due to her expectations of maturity, which has something to do with this episode’s message, or because she’s also trying to figure out what she’s feeling. I really hope it’s the former, because if it’s the latter, it feels a bit redundant and unnecessary. Given the bizarre shift in character development in the series, it’s a little hard to appreciate the episodes alone when they’re still so conservative about those developments. There are only a few episodes left on the show, so I hope it decides to clarify these things soon.




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