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My stepmother's daughter is my former anime actor Hikasa Yoko, Sato Hinata

Kyōsuke Kamishiro and High fever ( ) The light novel series announced two new cast members for the anime on Monday. Yōko Hikasa will play Madoka Tanesato (first picture below), while Hinata Satō will play Chikuma Tanesato (the second picture below). The character is the cousin of the water man, and will appear in the animation The first is on Wednesday.

Animation in AT-X and Tokyo MX July 6th, BS


and MBS ) July 9th and BS Fuji July. Crunchyroll is airing the series.

The main cast includes Reina Higaka as Yume Irido and Hiro Shimono as Mizuto Irido. Other cast members include Hasegawa Yumi as Nan Xiao, Okamoto Nobuhiko as Kuro Kawaba, and Miyu Tomita as Isana Higashira.

Ryu Shinsuke () Currently Item No.9 instructing animation. Deko Akao () Supervising and scripting the series. Katsuyuki Sato () Character design. Yayoi Tateishi is the sound director and Bit Groove Production is the sound producer. Hiromi Mizutani (, ) is composing, Pony Canyon and APDREAM are music producers.

DIALOGUE+ Sing the opening theme song of the animation “Deneb to Spica” (Deneb and Spica one).

J-Novel Club Licensing the light novel series, it describes the story like this:

Ah, high school. What better place to start over after a bad middle school relationship? No! Unless your ex ended up in the same school as you and is now your stepbrother. What was supposed to be a peaceful sanctuary where I could avoid seeing her again, but now it’s a nightmare! I can see her wherever I am – in my house, in my school, in my class. Nowhere to run! She even claimed that she was a brother and sister. She is like hell!

But I won’t lose to her. After all, I am the older brother in this new family environment. Yes, we are a family now. No matter how much we used to think we loved each other, we saw each other for who they really were and realized we weren’t for each other. That’s why even though we keep our sibling behavior for our parents, things never go back to the way they used to be.

Kamijou August starts on the Corner Dream website Serialized story 193. Kadokawa

began to publish the story in print, with high fever Illustration of () in December 2019. Rei Kusakabe in Kadokawa

launches manga adaptation December website 193.

185009 Source: Anime twitter account, daily news of Banten




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