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My Summer Style Guide: Jasmine Pittman

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Throughout August we’ll be shining a light on your summer style. Here’s how Vogue Club member Jasmine Pittman is spending the season—and what’s in her suitcase…

What’s your essential summer purchase—and why do you love it?

My black oversized Telfar shopping bag or my nude Vogue cotton tote bag. They’re not only large enough to carry everything, but they’re also fashion-friendly. A win-win!

Where’s a place you love to visit—and what makes it special to you?

I took a solo trip to Mexico for my birthday—I toured Isla Contoy. It’s federally protected due to its unique ecological systems and rare bird species, and there are strict rules to access the island, including no use of sunscreen or lotion, which make complete sense when you see the crystal-clear waters.

What’s your favorite swimwear—and the beach where you’ll be wearing it?

Swimwear should be supportive and comfortable—I usually opt for a Matte Collection one-piece, and love to add a scarf, shorts, or a skirt for extra flair. I’ll be wearing it when I visit Isla Mujeres in Mexico.

What’s the one fashion item you wouldn’t go on vacation without, and why?

While preparing for my European holiday last summer, I knew I needed chic, comfy shoes. After many hours of research, I decided on Reef’s Water Vista sandals––they’re durable, washable, and provide essential cushioning on cobble roads. I knew they were a great purchase when I climbed 75 flights of stairs in Positano—and survived!

What’s your summer beauty staple—and why?

Get this: I’m allergic to mineral sunscreens. That’s why I love Innisfree Sunflower Sunscreen. It provides the protection that I need with no breakouts or white cast, and it leaves my skin feeling moisturized. 10/10, will buy again! Also: Braids are a versatile and easy summer style that provides protection against both pool chlorine and the day-to-day struggle of maintaining natural hair—not to mention how much time the style saves me when I’m getting ready!

Vogue Bag Black with Logo Embroidery

Cassandra Belted Underwired Stretch-ECONYL Swimsuit



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