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'My thoughts are limitless' – Interview with Colm Dillane ahead of KidSuper comedy fashion show in Paris

Paris late last Thursday night. I rattled my battered Lime bike over the cobblestones in mild freezing sleet, a little late to meet Colm Dillane. You can only park electric rides in designated areas in this city, so I quickly made my way to the closest thing to the crumbling house that AirBnb was using as a fitting room for KidSuper before Saturday night’s show. As I approached, a suspicious-looking figure was also trying to park his bike, poking at his phone. Wearing a down jacket and trousers with handwritten letters, I suddenly recognized Dylan.

“You’re on a bike too! You’re late too,” he said. I can’t imagine how many designers would have bowed to the menswear top runway a few hours earlier – in Dillane’s case In the middle is Louis Vuitton, who is “embedded” this season in designing with the LV team – who would be happy to use this mode of transportation. In those pants – Dillane requested 70 strong LV menswear design The studio writes love letters and then translates them into clothing – he says: “Yes, they are from today. I stole them! I don’t know if I should give them back. “

We headed to the house, which was packed with Dillane’s KidSuper team and a group of friends. He said they all shared another Airbnb as a cushion, and it was a bed for three. Dillane just Attended a Vuitton reception, still excited for the brand’s cameo series and performances – among many others.” Rosalia – wow! That show… and of course Michelle [Gondry] shaping the video and the sets, and Ib and the studio: I just wanted to add my two cents. “

Tonight, Saturday, Dillane will present his second show in three days. KidSuper is taking place at the Casino de Paris, and like last season’s fabulous auction, Dillane is determined to make his ‘s runway with a difference. This season, the format has been unveiled as a stand-up comedy show. Here tonight, “Roastmaster General” Jeff Ross is hanging out and trying on as he formulates comedy flying saucers to inspire fashion. Usually, for KidSuper’s With an open-day policy, the fair will be full of collaborations—a new shoe collection with Stuart Weitzman, and a jewelry release with Francesca Amfitheatrof, Vuitton’s artistic director of watches and jewelry, Francesca Amfitheatrof’s own line, Pauer. “It’s about Create jewelry from art. Using Colm’s original artwork for KidSuper, these pieces hang like paintings on a nail…limited edition pendants, brooches and earrings, designed for collection. “

we went into the kitchen and there A little less activity than the one next door, and chatter started. First talking point? That Louis Vuitton show, and Colm Dillane’s rare chance to get the keys to the world’s largest (by revenue) luxury menswear brand – albeit only for one season.



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