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My week's worth of $1,900 designer tank tops

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when my flight to Charles de Gaulle was only an hour from Newark I was wearing a tank top when the ride was grounded, which didn’t bode well for the effortlessly elegant extravaganza I had planned, with the high-end tank top rotation listed as the star of my wardrobe at Paris Men’s Week.

However, my suitcase belongs to the domain of mortals: $ Black Gap Racerback, I love it so much I’ve bought it multiple times. A go-to vest can give an ambitious outfit a down-to-earth look and make the decision a breeze. But as a would-be wearer, you yourself already know these virtues; who among us hasn’t succumbed to the oversized promise of a simple top lately?

It’s one of the few fashion pieces that can truly claim to be timeless, one that encompasses t-shirts, jeans, trench coats, and not many others in its ranks. But even evergreen pieces ebb and flow at the center of our collective obsession. For several seasons, fashion’s biggest powerhouses — Bottega Veneta, Prada and Jil Sander — have given tank tops a prominent role on their shows. You could say that the tank plot has reached its climax at this point.

While it is a popular pastime in and out of the industry to balk at the high prices of luxury goods, it follows that at this point, spending money on items that are often found in the wardrobe meaningful. The cost of some of these runway fuel tanks is indeed 476 times twice as much as the Loom Boy’s Fruit Box (a folk favorite, to be fair), but Be a sound investment at a competitive low price If we understand all the economics, the cost per wear 088 it’s here. At least I think so!

Over the next few days, in Paris’ increasingly influential men’s weekly calendar, I’ll be testing various runway tank tops and measuring them against $, $02, even $ at my house There is a water tank in the drawer. That is, if I leave this regional airport…

Day 1

Courtesy of Laura Reilly

A 11 Hours delayed, 7 hours flight, later There aren’t enough Americanos in the world, and I made another travel mistake, driving from Marais to the Dries Van Noten show in Turns. The vest I chose for the occasion was the Frankie top from The Row, $120, tight fit, simple yet powerful, like so many things at The Row. I paired it with a dramatic blue foil ball gown skirt by designer Michelle Del Rio, which was the perfect opportunity for a streamlined tank to play a quieter role. A pair of high-heeled ballerinas from The Row and a Medea shopping bag joined the rest of the outfit – a large group of us crammed into the back of an Uber, watching the clock on our iPhones in Paris’s notorious traffic A second passed.

I arrive at the site of the Dries show—an unfinished art building with its grand arches—with a few minutes to go. As anyone who has browsed a street style gallery knows, Fashion Week is no stranger to pieces that push the envelope. But even so, when I was seated, I felt that my overall look attracted attention and even attracted comments, a former Vogue The editor acquaintance said she noticed it before identifying the wearer of the skirt. My reflective lower body draws the attention of onlookers, while my upper body ensures I remain fully on the planet.

The Row Frankie Organic Cotton top

the next day

Courtesy of Laura Reilly

Of all the vests in my clothing screenshots folder, quite a few bear the same coveted emblem: Loewe’s spinning crossword logo. I admit it was the first tank that got me out of my stubbornness about how much a tank “should” cost. And, after wearing out the tank for a day, I sense that others feel similarly. Their appeal to Loewe Anagram Tank $185, betrayed by their comments and curiosity. I wore a slightly oversized men’s M shoe with a Lido skirt, Martiniano pumps and a By Far bag.

In the sultry early afternoon, I visited the showrooms from Lauren Manoogian to Lauren Manoogian. Finished piece for Charlotte Chesnais (“You look cool in this heat,” a member of the latter brand greeted me on the top floor of the four-story building), Then hurried to meet the interview subject Canal. One of the reasons I was in town that week was to attend an in-person meeting with the shopping newsletter I run, Magasin, which included a meeting with a Berlin-based designer who wore a pair of monochromatic sandals with a logo that coordinated with my tank. . Hers is Hermès, mine is Loewe, but there is a sense of shared brand reverence in the basic form.

Attending an event at the Paris pop-up store of Lower East Side boutique Colbo later that night elicited similar buzz; the tank (“Tank of the Year”, they said), and shared their intentions for buying it (“I think it’s like $500 although…”).

Loewe Embroidered Ribbed Stretch Cotton Tank Top

pg Three Days

by Laura Reilly supply

A stylist friend from New York reminded me that private sales season had just started in Europe, so naturally my plans for the day were rearranged accordingly. At Lemaire’s Marais flagship store, I pulled a pair of shorts from the rack, labeled with a conspicuous circular sticker, and a helpful salesperson kindly asked if he could add a tank top to my fitting room Come try it on (I arrived wearing a dress). The shorts are passable, but the Lemaire ribbed vest, $97(Price $ A body that’s almost shocking. Rather than snuggling or childishly hanging with elastic yarn, it’s designed to follow my existing curves. I carry the tank anyway, but the question at the cash register remains: ” Vente privée? ” winks, nods, and a 08% off, the tank is mine.

When I got home, I quickly put on the tank top and another loot from the sale of the day, a Rick Owens denim skirt, added a Jil Sander bag and vintage Dolce & Gabbana pumps, and headed off to the Marine The Serre show—this time, I was on a train. Once on the scene, people immediately saw that the vest was popular. One of the brand’s most coveted styles in the tank wave, a crewneck vest with the brand’s crescent moon logo in the center, is worn by dozens, if not hundreds, of its closest supporters. The show also pushed the tank agenda, with two versions of the transparent jacquard logo in two different shapes.

Lemaire Off-White Ribbed Tank Top

Day Four

by Courtesy of Laura Reilly

Here it is, frankly: I have another tank top on my agenda this week – a Gucci x Adidas off shoulder Tops, $, with a duet Great union logo. I put it on and take it off at least once a day in Paris, shy under its bold branding. I want to be the kind of dresser that does stuff like this – like Stella McCartney’s “Rock and Roll Royalty” or Paris Hilton’s “Stop Despair” – But I was cowardly and indefinitely postponed its debut in my Paris Men’s Fashion Week wardrobe.

I even had the idea of ​​wearing it in Croatia as I was getting ready to unwind after fashion week, only to find myself again being held back by some invisible force from leaving Dubrovnik Bell Room at the View Hotel. Isn’t the pristine shores of the Adriatic an iconic setting to match the tank’s iconic face? Isn’t there some Mykonos scenery that could just eat it up? Of course, Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan) will also wear it.

The truth is, I’ve been spoiled all week with a collection of very attractive, very simple tank tops that have me and my comfort zone indulging. This understated designer tank is a self-contained solution for navigating through more dressy spaces without feeling unduly ‘sick’. I’m not saying I’ll never wear a normal Gap tank top to a fashion show, but these special beautiful tanks definitely make me feel different way to express yourself. I still have hundreds of wears until $271 The tank top has proven to be just as economical as the dollar store tank top, but with its ease, comfort, and styling potential, I bet I can knock it out in a single summer.

Adidas x Gucci Cotton Tank Top



Adidas x Gucci Cotton Tank Top



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