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Nabe Fuyuno’s Harapeko Seijo to Manpuku Majo no Isekai Slow Life Manga Ends in Next Chapter on October 5


The October issue of Akita Shoten‘s magazine announced on Wednesday that Nabe Fuyuno‘s manga adaptation of Ameko Kaeruda‘s (The Laid-Back Fantasy Life of a Hungry Saint and Stomach-Full Witch) story will end in the magazine’s next issue on October 5.

Fuyuno launched the manga in in November 2021. Kaeruda is credited for the original story, and artist KeG is credited for the original character designs. Akita Shoten published the manga’s first compiled book volume in May 2022, and the third volume on June 8.

The original story centers on the constantly hungry Emilia, a prospective saint who was driven out from her convent. She is helped by a wandering witch named Abigail, who finds out that the source of Emilia’s hunger is her immense magical power, which is due to her being the reincarnation of a goddess. Fed by Abigail’s home-cooked meals, the power that Emilia has can even bring forth miracles.

Kaeruda began serializing the story on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website in June 2020, where it is still ongoing. Kadokawa published the first print volume edition of the story in August 2021, with art by KeG.

J-Novel Club is publishing Kaeruda’s light novels, as well as the novels.

Source: October issue



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