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Nagi Yanagi and Kotoko performed the theme song for the animation “Paladins Far Away: King of the Rusty Mountain”


© Yanano Kanata・オーバーラップ/最果てのパラディン Production Committee Official Website : Tetsusabi no Yama no Ōfaraway-s2 (),

    () Kanata Yanagi ‘s

      () light novel series TV anime season 2, announced the theme song artist for the animation on Thursday. Nagi Yanagi will perform the opening theme song “Meika” (fire of life), and KOTOKO will perform the ending theme song “Puzzle”.

      The second season premieres this fall. Crunchyroll will begin streaming animation worldwide in October, excluding Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

      Shoya Chiba

        will voice the adult Will. Maki Kawase

          is still credited as the voice of Will as a child and the boy, repeating the character from the first season.

          Returning cast include:

          Ayumi Murase

            as Menel

            Eri Su zuki

              as Robina Goodfellow (Bee)

            Koji Yusa

              as Tonio

                Kenji Nomura

                  as Reystov

                    Minoru Inaba as Bart Bagli

                      Atsushi Tamaru as Ethel Boulder

                        Yuki Aoi

                          as Gracefeel

                            Xiao Xi Kezhi

                              as Blood

                              Yui Horie

                                as Mary

                                Nobuo Toda

                                  as Gus Yongming Iwa

                                    (,,, Season 2) is the new director of OLM and animation Beyond Sunrise


                                        Kids Playground Entertainment Season 1 animation). Tatsuya Takahashi

                                          (, , ) is once again supervising the series script. Arai Tatsuya

                                            () is a new character designer and also a returning character designer Haneda Koji . Takada Ryuichi and Hoishi Keigo

                                              from MONACA will return to compose. faraway-s2

                                              Season 1 of the anime premiered in October 2021,

                                              Crunchyroll live-streamed the series as it aired. faraway-s2faraway-s2

                                                J-Novel Club is releasing the novel and Mutsumi Okuhashi’s manga in English, which describes the story:

                                                In a dead city that has long been destroyed and far away from human civilization, there lives a human child. His name is Will, and he’s been raised by three undead creatures: Brad, the fervent skeletal warrior; Mary, the graceful mummy priestess; and Gus, the grumpy ghostly wizard. The three pour their love into the boy and teach him everything they know. But one day, Will starts to wonder: “Who am I?”

                                                Will must unravel the mysteries of this far-off land of the undead and unravel the undead’s secret past. He must learn the love and kindness of the good god, and the paranoia and madness of the evil god. When he knows all this, the boy will take the first step on the road to become a paladin.

                                                “I promised you. It’ll take a while, but I’ll tell you everything. It’s the story of many heroes dying. It’s the story of how we died, and why you grew up here.” Yanagno launches usaga Rin

                                                  , a light novel series illustrated by

                                                    Kus, published in March Ku published the novel in print in Japan.

                                                    Source: Anime Website and Twitter Account 2021




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