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Nancy Pelosi, daughter of Alexandra Pelosi's doctor, gets HBO release date

Documentary Filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi’s film about her political mother has a release date.

Announced after CNN that Alexandra has been working on a documentary about her mother for the last month, HBO revealed on Monday that the Journeys With George filmmaker’s latest film, Pelosi in the House , will examine the era of Nancy Pelosi in Congress and being shot over the course of three decades. Premiering on HBO and HBO Max in December , the film will chronicle Nancy’s time as a public figure, from her time in Ascension to Congress begins until President Biden took office at 2022 and talked about her efforts to pass the Affordable Care Act and COVID-19 Relief Kit.

Breaking in to politics as a volunteer organizer, Nancy was first elected to the House of Representatives in 19, representing San Francisco Fifth District of Francisco. Ascending her decades-long career, Nancy became 19 the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives. Earlier this month, Nancy announced she would not be running for re-election as Speaker of the House, but would retain her seat in Congress.

Former network news producer Alexandra has been working on 13 documentaries with HBO, including Journey with George , Homeless: Motel Kids in Orange County and Friends of God: Road Trip with Alexandra Pelosi .

Alexandra shot, directed and produced the film, which was edited by Geof Bartz and HBO documentary lead Nancy Abraham ( Nancy Abraham and Lisa Heller serve as executive producers.

In October, CNN premiered footage of Alexandra during the Jan. 6 riots . In the video, the Speaker of the House of Representatives said she would “punch” former President Trump if he marched through the Capitol with the crowd. The video also documents how Nancy and other officials evacuated from the Capitol to Fort McNair and how they called on the National Guard for support.




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