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Nancy Pelosi is the Trump foil we sorely need

The moment sparked a fashion frenzy (alas, the coat is old and no longer in stock) and a round of memes portraying Pelosi as an action star from flaming Stride out from the wreckage of the building. (“Instructions on how to come to me,” one read. “1. Don’t.”) In retrospect, I must have been drawn to the beauty of the coat, because to this day I forgot that the photo was just wearing Part of Losey’s show of force. “Mr. President,” she shot back, “please don’t describe the strength I bring to this meeting as the Democratic leader in the House, who just won a big win,” she shot back, according to reports. , the Democrats just took back the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterms, and Pelosi is expected to become speaker. “Please don’t describe the power I bring” – This line really should have been placed with “Still She Persevered” and “I’m Talking”.

For all the searches for even trivial victories in the face of Trump’s repeated trampling of democracy with contempt, the image of a dapper Pelosi with a sharp smile comes at the right time. That Trump would be humbled is encouraging – a hope that few feel.

Please don’t describe the strength Pelosi continues to bring in the bout with Trump. In a room full of white male leaders, in a controversial cabinet room, there is an ingenious image of her actually standing Before the president, pointing to him the Syrian meeting. Perhaps most notably, Pelosi stoked fires during back-to-back State of the Union addresses. In 2018, she backs the president with tepid applause, again, highly memetic applause, and in , Speaker tore printout of Trump speech to shreds . (She’s impeaching him—for the first time.)

Speaker Pelosi tore up copy of President Trump’s post-State of the Union address on Feb. 4, 2020.

Photo: Getty Images


It sends a powerful symbolic message that she doesn’t have to be presentable and polite in the face of his inconsistencies, nor does she have to “decorate” ( Neither do we). Too often, politics feels disconnected from the visceral emotions of the people it is supposed to serve. But as Trump further humiliated the office, Pelosi felt the outrage across the country with every paper she tore. Pelosi’s actions speak volumes for the value of Trump’s rhetoric.




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