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Nanushka Fall 2023 ready-to-wear

A fashion show without screaming crowds and front-row stars is clearly not worth watching today. Is fashion just an extension of the entertainment industry? “It’s the Attention Olympics,” says Nanushka CEO Peter Baldaszti. “We’re not interested at all,” the brand’s creative director Sandra Sándor echoed.

the brand’s co-founders were after a very different approach. They call it quiet luxury. Sándor reflects, “We didn’t want to be too loud; we thought the focus should be on the product, on the actual fashion statement . The quality, detail and beauty of the products we create should speak for themselves. “

Nanushka has adhered to strict sustainability guidelines since its inception; stylistically, its industrial, urban, utilitarian look incorporates elements rooted in Hungarian folklore traditions Sándor calls it “our new tradition, a fusion of innovative craftsmanship, function and beauty. The autumn offerings presented in the brand’s showrooms expand on these codes, experimenting with new silhouettes, introducing modularity for maximum versatility and proposing modern renditions of Hungarian ornate symbols and decorative references .

The collection is called Shape Shifting; Sándor uses zip-unzip and fasten-unclip movements to shift clothes into different shapes, while elsewhere the transformation is more Much of this happens conceptually, maintaining the fluidity of differentiation by transferring feminine silhouettes and details into menswear collections. For example, a boxy jacket with a cinched waist is part of a man’s suit, while sexy tassels are part of a man’s suit. Applied to men’s capes, worn with wrap kilts.Structured and masculine styles transform into draped and feminine styles in elongated silhouettes with plenty of accents, accentuated by cinching, pleating and lacing Retouching.

While maintaining its practicality, the collection has a more refined and creative feel. Recycled alternative leather Okobor is smooth in appearance and soft to the touch, and is widely used in slim-fitting long slip dresses and An oversized coat with a zipper at the waist that can be converted into two separate pieces—a biker jacket and a skirt. “We strive to make our products stand out; our focus is entirely on that,” concludes Sándor “We don’t need brand ambassadors. “



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