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Naomi Osaka on Motherhood, Designing Her First Nursery, and Returning to Tennis

Osaka’s nursery also has some sanity — despite the cloud. The proportions and verve are full of Zen, but behind it lies her unique personality. Osaka is clearly in a state of reflection, contemplating motherhood and her eventual return to the sports spotlight. “I’m excited to have the opportunity [to play] again,” she said. “I’ve been playing tennis since I was three and I think it’s one of those things that I need to take a step back to appreciate it more. I also really want to see the fans again. Distance hits me hard during COVID Big.”

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Osaka said that when she is not competing, she tries to “not watch [tennis] at all”, preferring to focus on future events and not let her Absent… well, in her mind. “I remember paying attention to the Australian Open earlier this year, which frustrates me because I’ve never missed the Australian Open.” (She won the AO and the US Open twice each.)

“It’s hard to deal with those feelings of wanting to be there so badly,” she continued. “I wouldn’t trade this for the whole world, but (when I’m) sitting outside, it hurts to see everyone out there competing.”

Slam FOMO doesn’t More than she is right though, once Osaka is ready to return, especially parenting and tennis. “I think the most exciting thing for me,” Osaka said, “is growing up together. Going through life together.” She said her own mother “wanted to cook for the kids and teach them Japanese,” but her father The words said in her childhood resonated most strongly in how she became a mother.



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