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Naresh Kumar on Using Heatmaps to Grow Your Business

Recently, Small Biz is at: 15 On Location, head to Austin, Texas for ZohoDay 2022. In this episode, Small Biz Trends Editor-in-Chief Shawn Hessinger chats with Zoho Corporation Product Manager Naresh Kumar to learn more about heatmaps and other software marketing tools for growing your business.

Demystifying Heat Map )

    Shawn: What is a heatmap, and people who don’t know know, how does it apply to a small business, what are they doing?

      Naresh: A heatmap is basically a visual representation of how a visitor behaves on a website. It generates the various places the user clicks. And it has different components.

      So, heat maps are one thing, scroll maps are another, and note maps are another. The heatmap gives you the various places the user clicked…it gives you multiple clicks on that particular component.

      How heatmaps help improve page performance

        Naresh: Let’s say you have a main CTA in some part of the page. Or you have a really good video that you want users to see in the second full or third full of the site. Then you notice that not many people scroll down to see a specific CTA or video.

        The heatmap gives you the various places where the user clicked; it provides multiple clicks for that particular component.

        Also, the heatmap will give you relevant information, for example:

          • How many users scroll down to a particular section of the site? How much time did the user spend on this particular video or other content with this CTA? How many users clicked on it?

        • Then when you put all this information together, for example, you might only get 50% of the visitors who have scrolled to the page At a certain point, only 10% of visitors clicked on it. You immediately lose 50% of users scrolling the first time, and the remaining 90% who never click on that particular section.

          You can draw an inference from this data, which is basically a hypothesis that you test with an A/B testing approach. So if you take your CTA all the way to the top of the page, 100% of your visitors will see it. You can then see if it works for you so you can A/B test the new page with the current page – you’ll be able to help with assumptions. Later, you can see its performance and processing power.

          Finally, you have to measure again and again until you reach the best craftsmanship. Even after that, the measurements continued.

            Which businesses has the heat map helped?

            Shawn Hessinger: Is there a specific heatmap More helpful businesses? others? I think e-commerce might be one of them.

              Naresh: We will have a website in 2022 after the pandemic It’s more important than ever to come and run your business. I’m not going to make a distinction between what’s important for e-commerce and what’s not important for others, because all businesses need a website these days. You also need to provide all the required data points on your website and you need to generate leads through your website.

              Keeping that in mind, I think heatmaps are sufficient and essential for every business out there of. It depends on what your goals are for your website, and it depends on the measurements you make on your website to see if your goals are being achieved.

                What to look for in conversion and optimization software

                Shawn: You mentioned heatmaps, scrollmaps, and attention maps. When I’m looking for this software, how do I know what to look for or does it have the features I need to provide what I’m looking for?

                Naresh: These tools are known in the market as conversion optimization software, There are also many players who provide these services. However, what you want to achieve depends on what you want to achieve.

                So, my first recommendation: go and visit the site again; it’s the gateway to everything. Go to the features page of the website to see if you need something that a particular software offers.

                Second, register all these products and see if it meets your requirements or not. In my opinion, this is the only way.

                The third, and one of the main things I saw while evaluating, is how far your page speed will suffer when you implement these software solutions. Because you need to have JavaScript code to track visitors on your website, and you need to place them on your website to do that. So when you do that, there is a certain impact on your tracking code; on your page speed, right? So, this is another thing that you must always consider when evaluating such software.

                Marketing automation software can also help you grow your business

                  Shawn: Let’s talk about Zoho Marketing Automation. In what ways can you use the platform to grow your business?

                    Naresh Kumar: Zoho Marketing Automation is a complete marketing suite. It covers the top, middle and bottom of the sales funnel. You can use it for leads to nurture and follow up, qualify leads and mark them as sales qualified, or market qualified leads and pass them on to the sales team.

                    You can also use automation for your customers in loyalty, management, and retention.

                    So these are the various ways you can use marketing automation. Specifically, there are different models that can help you do this.

                    In addition, the Basic Contacts module helps you manage all the contacts in your business. We also have a lead generation model where you can generate leads for your business with sign-up forms, pop-up forms, and various other ways you can generate leads.

                    In addition to this, we also have “Journeys” where you can create customer journeys and create customer journeys based on whether you want to send them follow-up emails or complete the entire sale for the customer Journey to orchestrate their customers in terms of dynamic journeys – if a user opens an email, they will be sent to a different section. Or, if the user doesn’t reply to the email, they’ll be sent to a different path… that’s what Journey does.

                    Assuming we also have the engagement model you want to send a standalone email campaign, seamless campaign and various engagement mechanisms, you will be able to do that. In other words, if you want to navigate the entire funnel of your business, marketing automation can help you do that.


                      Finally, heat maps are just another example of how technology can help your small business run more smoothly. Also, consider heatmaps when trying to understand how your visitors behave on your website and use their data and tools like Zoho Marketing Automation to help grow your business.

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