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NASA catches a 'diving' comet hitting our star

Gravity: unbearable, can’t imagine the universe without it. When a cosmic snowball was captured by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory last weekend, a comet was caught at the hit end of the quip.

The ‘Kreuzian Sungrazer’ is a fragment of a huge comet that broke up many centuries ago,” writes astronomer Tony Phillips for “A Large swarms of these fragments orbit the sun, and every day at least one gets too close and disintegrates. Most fragments were less than a few meters in size, too small to be seen, but occasionally large fragments like today’s would attract attention. “

The GIF below consists of some images of SOHO, which were taken late Saturday and early Sunday. You can see in the lower right quadrant the star that cannot resist us A small comet with a strong gravitational pull. As the clocks turn to Sunday, it can be seen disappearing into the sun’s disk, blocked by SOHO’s coronagraph to prevent damage to the instrument.

in this from NASA Animation of the Solar Observatory showing a comet hitting the lower right extremity of the sun.


Since there is nothing on the other side of the sun out, so it can be assumed that this sungrazer was completely vaporized by the heat.

The animation also provides an interesting snapshot of how turbulent the sun is now as it Sometime near peak sunspot activity between now and 2025 : As comet dies, visible coronal mass ejection can be seen from Eruption on the other side of the sun.

The comet did not survive: Like most sun-dive comets, this A comet does not appear on the opposite side of the Sun after its closest approach (perihelion). 🙁

— Keith Strong (@drkstrong) August 7, 2022

Most comets are thought to originate from our sun’s outer fringe system in the cold, dark region known as the Oort cloud. Many are in very long orbits that bring them into The inner solar system only gets closer every few decades, centuries or more.

But this particular unnamed comet is visiting our community for the last time. Bro , resting in the (erased) fragment.



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