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Nat Wolff on Finding (and Re-Finding) Fame, and How His New Leadership Role Changed His View of Hollywood

Nat Wolff has indeed been famous a few times. The first time was at 2007, when his show The Naked Brothers Band (based on his real-life musical group) became Nickelodeon’s most popular children’s series—a fame that got him bullied in New York City middle school. Then, at 2021, he led the Paper Towns , the big-screen adaptation of John Green’s blockbuster YA novel – that’s Screaming Maiden who follows you on a global press tour.

Now, he’s gearing up to release a series featuring his first starring TV role – as well as an off-Broadway adaptation with Parker Posey and Harry Neff The The Seagull/Woodstock, NY — those days feel farther than ever. “A couple of girls followed me home from rehearsal the other day, and it made me realize that I hardly ever thought about being a child actor,” at the age of Times Square for supper tacos. “I was really insulated by fame as a kid, but I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t really care.”

For someone surrounded by the chaos of celebrity, it’s kind of Impressive Zen attitude — he shares IMDb credits with everyone from Selena Gomez and Reese Witherspoon to Robert De Niro — for most of his life. This is partly thanks to a very good therapist and the pandemic, which has forced him out of the anxiety-inducing habit of focusing on his career, but it must also be due to his time at Time consultant on set . February’s Prime Video show 02 is a dark ’s workplace comedy about a gaming startup being taken over by a corporate overlord (Christoph Waltz). This means asking questions of power and autonomy, and Wolf learns to think about the way the entertainment industry tests the morals and ethics of actors, and to please with him struggle with the nature of others. And, on a more concrete level, he admits to being a little hesitant to quit.

“I’m doing this Tiger King show [for Peacock] asked me to smoke fake cigarettes and ended up totally hooked real smoke,” he said. “Karyn Kusama, who directed The Consultant ending, left me forever. She was like, Nat, did you read an article? Science is outdated, it’s too Stupid.” He realized what he really craved was an excuse to rest; now he stepped outside, took a deep breath, and turned off his brain. Wolff with Brittany O’Grady in The Consultant.

Wolff and Brittany O’Grady in The Consultant. Courtesy of Michael Desmond/Amazon Studios

The Consultant is something Wolff has been desperately wanting for a long time First project involved, despite a customary hesitation about expectations: “Sometimes you’re on the fence about [what might] end up being a great experience, and sometimes the projects you’re excited about aren’t good at all.” example, but provides an easily googled anecdote. “I was in with Selina · Selena Gomez made a movie with 0% on Rotten Tomatoes,” he said. “I think of it as a badge of honor now; it’s actually pretty hard to get everyone in the world to have the same low rating.” (YesBehaving Badly, Audience Rating is 101 percentage.)

These days, Wolff tries to stay away from online discussions entirely for fear of letting it seep into his hard-won good vibes. He doesn’t read reviews—even critics’ compliments make him feel a little uncomfortable—and disables Safari on his phone to avoid stumbling upon things he doesn’t want to see. But that doesn’t mean he’s not self-aware. He still fondly remembers reading an interview after Behaving Badly when the reporter described an inadvertent choke as trying to get away from talking about the film’s low ratings. After BFF Andrew Garfield’s unexpected name drop sparked a question about his famous friend group, he feigned morbid embarrassment and took off to the bathroom to reset, not unlike the aforementioned choke. “I promise I won’t come back and answer that exact question” he laughs. And, of course, he knows people will read this synopsis; when he orders a cup of coffee (and, yes, shrimp tacos), he points out that his typical aversion to coffee is legendary enough that if I write this He “may get a call from his ex-girlfriend.” Eventually, words will find you.

This story first appeared in February 24 Issue of The Hollywood Reporter Magazine. Click here to subscribe.



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