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Natsumi Shiba's Bride Manga Volume 10 Ends

bride© Natsumi Shiba, KodanshabrideVolume 9 of Xia Haizhi () The manga revealed on Friday that the manga will feature in its No. End of volume, will ship in November . In a Twitter post on Friday, Shiba said the manga will end with three chapters, including the one released on Friday.

Shiba at


in debuted in the manga

magazine in 2019. Kodansha USA Publishing licensed the manga and it describes the story:

Hayami is the it-woman at her job – she is cool, confident and admired by all. But her having it all hides a dark secret…her house is a mess and she’s not good at taking care of herself! Enter Yamamoto-kun – her co-worker who sees her world and refuses to let her lazy behavior slip. Soon he’s coming to her house so often that she asks him to move in with her! Where will this roundabout relationship lead them? !

The comic inspired a live-action TV series that premiered in April .

Source: volume , Natsumi Shiba‘s Twitter account



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