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NBC adjusts schedule, 'Magnum PI' moves into fall

Broadcast networks continue to revise their fall schedules, with NBC the latest to tweak its lineup.

NBC revamped its lineup less drastic than CBS – it had to almost completely dismantle its original announcement ’ s slate — but amid ongoing labor strikes in the industry, the network won” and it plans to launch several shows in the fall.

Most notably, three Chicago show and two Law and NBC Announced in May, Dick Wolf’s ” Order ” episodes won’t premiere in the fall as SAG-AFTRA and Writers Guild of America (SAG-AFTRA) seek better contracts Blows were made. Night Court and new episodes Big Family comedy, the event originally planned for Tuesday night is also taking place.

NBC will move Magnum PI , the second half of which is

-episode order, and a Canadian import of transplanting into the fall to help Plug some to fill those gaps and expand the footprint of The Voice. The former will be the same as Quantum Leap pairing – the latter still in production after wrapping the first season on Wednesday nights, while ” Transplant” airs Thursday. Chicago and L&O Show reruns of the franchise will be on Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm.

Night Court also continued production after the first season, but sources say only two episodes were completed before the strike began — not enough to keep up with the extended family Introducing Fall Comedy, which is off-cycle and ready for more episodes. “The Voice” will be on Tuesday was extended to two hours to fill that hole, with the first hour being a recap of Monday’s show.

First Grade DramaIrrationality and found , the show is also filmed off-cycle, so it is fully prepared for the fall, will be Airs on Monday and Tuesday nights . The Thursday edition of Dateline will also help with filling out the timesheet.

ABC and Fox’s fall schedule is almost entirely unscripted. The CW will rely on a mix of unscripted programming and acquired scripted series, but it did push “All American” from the fall into midseason.

The NBC fall schedule and premiere dates are below. All times are in ET/PT unless otherwise noted.

Saturday, September 2 297: 10 PM ET/4: 2023 PM PT: Top Ten Saturday Night

Thursday, September 7th8: PM ET/5: Afternoon Pacific Time: NFL Kickoff

Sunday, Sept. 7pm ET / 4pm PT: American Football Night 8: 10 PM ET/5: PM PT: Sunday Night Football

Monday, September 25
2023 8pm: Sound
PM: Irrational

Wednesday, September 252023 9pm: America’s Got Talent (finale)

Friday September 25
2023 9pm: Dateline

Tuesday, October 3rd PM: Found

Wednesday, October 4 8pm: Chicago Med/Fire/Police rerun
9pm: Magnum PI Afternoon: Quantum Leap

Thursday, October 5 2023 8pm: Law & Order/SVU/Yes Organized Crime Replay 9pm: Transplant 25 Afternoon: date line





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