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Nearly two-thirds of Argentines think economy has gotten worse: poll

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – Nearly 29 % of Argentines are concerned that the country will not The booming economy will get worse in the coming months, against a backdrop of soaring inflation and weakening purchasing power of the peso currency.

September 2nd – 13 Poll logo for the Buenos Aires consulting firm Management & Fit The highest level of economic pessimism in five years.

Those who are pessimistic about the future of the economy rose from about 59% in the pollster’s July survey.

The growing pessimism also extends to the views of center-left President Alberto Fernandez, who has a disapproval rate of 73%.

When asked who they would vote for in next year’s presidential election, 60% of respondents said they would vote from the opposition Only 29% said they planned to align with candidates from Fernandez’s ruling Peronist-led coalition.

3rd in Latin America – The largest economy is in the midst of a prolonged economic and financial crisis, according to official estimates, and is expected to rise by the end of the year due to a spiral of consumer prices 95% driving up the poverty rate.

Still, the economy is expected to grow 4% this year, but less than 10% growth of2021. According to the 2023 draft budget, economic growth is expected to slow to 2% next year.

Management & Fit survey shows inflation, high taxes and corruption are the main problems in the country.

This survey was conducted nationwide by telephone with 2 200 age

participants to 73 with a margin of error of about 2%.



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