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Nearly two years after the Apple M1, Microsoft Teams goes native

Apple M2 —

Microsoft says it will roll out gradually “over the next few months.”

Samuel Axon

Zoom /

Microsoft Teams running on Mac.


Microsoft has announced plans to launch an Apple Silicon native version of Microsoft Teams, but the launch won’t happen overnight.

In a blog post on its website, Microsoft claimed that this The update will provide “significant performance improvements” for Mac users with Apple’s M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, M1 Ultra, and M2 chips.

The team has j since the 2020 Apple Silicon transition started We have been running as an Intel application on the M1 Mac with Rosetta 2 since then. Direct competitors Zoom and Slack offer native Apple Silicon support starting in December 2020 and February 2021, respectively.

This is a highly requested feature from Microsoft users. A user-submitted feedback item on this topic six months ago has received over 3,000 votes.

However, despite the long delay, the team launched the M1 and M2 Mac will be a slow process. Instead of offering universal binaries alongside the announcement, Microsoft announced a vague plan for the update to be “gradually rolled out to customers over the next few months.” (Members of the Microsoft Insider program have had access to the M1 native version of the Teams beta since April.)

When Apple launched its first M1-equipped Mac in late 2020, we wrote about how impressed the Rosetta 2 was—and for the most part, many users didn’t even know They are running legacy Intel versions of their apps instead of Apple Silicon native versions if they weren’t told.

But nonetheless, users can expect better performance from native software , our expectations for Teams are not low. Over the past few years, several other major packages have been updated to run natively on Apple’s new architecture, from Adobe to Unity to Microsoft’s own Office suite and more.

But the team may not be the last to take action , because there are still some laggards — even among the big hitters.



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