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Nebraska's Scott Frost says he's not at odds with OC Mark Whipple despite criticism

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Nebraska coach Scott Frost clarified that he has no problem with offensive coordinator Mark Whipple despite the apparent criticism Saturday. No, not at all. He is really smart. He’s really good at what he does,” said The Associated Press’ Eric Olsen, Frost said of Whipple. “We have a lot of other coaches who are very smart and good at what they do. We need to find the rhythm that brings all the best together. I think Saturday is fine. It could be better. ” Nebraska lost to Northwestern 31-28 in the second half to take two in Ireland’s season opener Frost seemed to criticize the call of the game after the game. “I think Our offense has to learn that you have to be a little more creative in this league,” said the coach, his first year with the team after three years in Pittsburgh. After a strong start, Nebraska struggled offensively, failing to score on any of its past six drives. Two interceptions and four punts. Frost said Tuesday if he can call up more The quarterback has the reins, but he’s still standing by Whipple. “As a game caller, You have a rhythm. That’s the way I take it,” Frost said. “Whip is an elite ball handler. I think that came out in the first two and a half quarters. You see what this offense can do. ” The head coach also made his own mistakes in the game, especially the decision to try to play offside at 28-17 in the third quarter .. Northwestern recovers, appears to have 4 unanswered marks. Has a zero winning season record at school. The pressure is only going to get bigger this year, no matter who’s calling the shots.



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