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Neflix Teases Production I.G’s Terminator Anime

Netflix teased the anime series based on the film franchise with Production I.G and Skydance Entertainment on Saturday. According to the teaser, the series is “coming soon.”

The company first ordered the series in 2021. Mattson Tomlin (Project Power, The Batman) is serving as the showrunner and executive producer.

The rights holders of the franchise had planned a Termination collection of animated shorts created by leading European and Japanese “auteurs” in 2008, but the project was not released in the following year as planned. Termination would have focused on Judgment Day, the pivotal day in the franchise’s multiple storylines when the Skynet defense system would launch nuclear weapons that destroy much of humanity. The iconic T-800 robot is a time-traveling weapon of Skynet, and it has been both the antagonist and protagonist in the various projects since the first film in 1984.

The T-800 did make an official, authorized cameo in the long-running television anime series in June 2009. The anime’s title character is a time-traveling robot cat from the future, and the “dream matchup” was described in the Japanese press as a confrontation between America and Japan’s robots. (The : Salvation film opened in Japan on June 13, 2009, two weeks before the promotional cameo.)

Source: Netflix‘s Geeked Week livestream



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