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Nells Nelson Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear

Joy is the emotion Li Sisi pursues in spring . “Now that we’re going out again, women want to get dressed,” she said. Designer Nells Nelson makes suits, and she’s good at sophistication: the seams are offset a few centimeters and the shoulders are extended. So for her, the question was how to incorporate the lift and vibrancy she wanted to convey into the cut. The most obvious difference from this season to last is the push in color. In addition to ivory and black, she also uses lilac, moss green and twilight blue. But on closer inspection, other changes start to show.

Take off the off-the-shoulder construction of the jacket to reveal the most hidden collarbone, or the tight tank top to show something more (though she’s also in one button-to-collar shirt shows it). Celebrities such as Jessica Chastain, Kristen Stewart, and Sandra Bullock have worn her cuts, and she leans toward softness and sensuality that she’s ever considered stricter parameters. The third piece of the three-piece suit is a tuxedo vest with round lapels that outline the shoulders. The most striking development here, however, is the sling-sling dress in sling-cut silk-charmeuse with an open back that falls to the waist. Li draped it over a mannequin, noting that the bodice’s clever dual construction ensures it doesn’t reveal too much. It’s a special piece and she obviously had a lot of fun making it.



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