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Nelly Furtado on Her New Album 'Motherhood' and Embracing 'Nellysance'

since relaxed came out on . Modern pop music is often very emotional and serious. I felt the need for some fun, lighthearted dance music. What’s your take on the current situation?

I agree. I have to keep this in mind about my own music. You can take yourself too seriously as an artist; you can say something like, I want people to know that I can play guitar and write really funny [lyrics] . I did a whole solo album [The Ride

] for that, because I wanted to show that side of me. I need to prove to myself that I can be a credible artist. But now, it’s been a wild evolution, and last year I started going out more. I went through a whole inner revolution. I’m single again, going to concerts and clubs—whether it’s a house party or a Gaga, The Weeknd, or Post Malone concert. Before these concerts, I would hear my music in arenas or clubs and the tempos sounded good . Something happened along the way and I was like, wait a minute, don’t you understand? People want to your music party . I realized I was giving them a license to celebrate life and escape – and to do so happily, happily. I was like, I want to do again. I want people to move, to be free, to dance.

When you hear previous hits, do you think differently about them?

[Recently], I was like, Damn, this song is better now than I wrote it years ago It means more ). I feel like I’m more of a cannibal at this age; I relate to it on another level. Back then, it was more like putting on a cape—but now, that’s how I live. Sometimes, it feels like karaoke. Like, I can sing “Promisculous,” and I feel like I’m in karaoke, but it’s my song!

I also noticed that you have been improving your choreography. I love your TikTok dance videos.

I love

choreography – I’ve always been a dancer fan, so I can use that hobby to my advantage because it only makes my acting better. I found out about two years ago that I had ADHD and it was overwhelming at first, but when I went to the dance studio it took over completely. Through dance and movement, I can force my brain to focus and be the best version of myself.



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