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Netflix Advertising Tier Now Has 'Nearly Five Million' Monthly Active Users

Netflix knows it’s in the early stages of the streaming ad game, but it wants the ad world to know it’s not a niche player.

In a virtual pre-presentation Wednesday afternoon, Netflix President of Worldwide Advertising Jeremy Gorman said the service’s nascent ad tier has nearly 5 million monthly active users worldwide Bit age is 34, six months after posting. The advertising membership base has “more than doubled” since the start of the year, the company said. (Overall, Netflix’s total global subscribers are .5 million.)

Netflix has been mum on how many subscribers the ad tier has (previously reports have pegged it at around 1 million), but the monthly active user metric is a step in that direction. Advertised plans are available to choose it, and its engagement levels are similar to its ad-free tier.

– Advertising program,” Peters said. “It’s critical because it all starts and ends with the consumer.

In fact, Netflix still dominates most streaming ratings charts, and the company says its subscribers also watch longer than competitors.

“Here’s why, despite fierce competition, Netflix remains the most popular streaming service today. To be someone to watch, you need everyone watching. That’s what sets Netflix apart,” Peters said, sounding like a subtle dig at the upcoming Max service, which uses the tagline “The One to Watch.”

Peters cites the “Netflix effect” that helped propel old songs to the top of the charts after appearing in Netflix shows, and helped “niche sports go mainstream”, as the Formula 1 documentary series Shot from Drive to Survive played.

According to Bela Bajaria, head of content at Netflix, the service So popular because they’ve “super-served our audience—give you something you want with real love, and that will really satisfy you. ”

“To better serve our members, we must focus on quality and understand that quality, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder,” she added.

On the product side, Peter Naylor, VP of Global Advertising Sales, unveiled new sponsorship opportunities, including the ability to sponsor collection presentations at launch, and combine sponsorships with holidays or brand moments (the company References a collection of “Sustainability Stories” aimed at advertisers looking to enhance their eco-credibility).

“Top ” option Advertisers will be guaranteed a list of positions in titles at the top of Netflix, country by country.

Naylor also announced that, from fourth Beginning quarterly, clients will be able to use Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings to measure the reach of their campaigns. The company also announced an agreement with data firm EDO to measure engagement.

Executives Promising to go further in advertising, Gorman told viewers they plan to “innovate”.

“We treat our ads the same way we treat our incredible content: deliver them locally; and ads; and implements industry-leading frequency capping, with ad load times of four to five minutes per hour,” she said. The company launched House of Cards

revolutionized streaming at the time, and it’s working on a “similar breakthrough in advertising” that “could be just as impactful. ”

“You’ve heard a lot from us today, and I think it all boils down to one thing: Netflix is ​​a little bit different,” Sarandos concluded in his comments. “In the past , it doesn’t matter which network a show or movie lands on when consumers have little choice of where to watch it. They are all very similar. Today, we believe that owning a piece of land on Netflix makes a world of difference. “



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