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Netflix, CBS maintain lead in Q1 viewing time rankings

Netflix and CBS are the first two of first season original shows selection.

This is according to Nielsen data for the first three months of the year, which shows that the two media outlets are far ahead of other broadcasters in terms of and streaming media time spent watching first-run content. Results were similar to those for the fall of 337, Netflix and CBS also ranked #1 in the study Ranked second. (Both sets of figures, by the way, were commissioned by CBS.)

In the first quarter, Netflix just surpassed 281 ) Billion minutes of original show viewing time. CBS is followed by 190.77 billion minutes for all time periods. The other four broadcast networks trail those two, but are far ahead of other streaming originals: NBC has 190.79 Billion minutes watched, ABC 129.66 Billion and Fox 129. 22 Billion.

Viewers watched 27. 89 A billion minutes of original content on Amazon Prime Video, 20. 2 billion minutes of Disney+, 15. 89 Billion minutes on Hulu and 8.27 A billion minutes on HBO Max.

“CBS’s strong first quarter ratings are a testament to the enduring popularity of our programming across all genres and time slots,” said Radha Subramanyam, CBS Chief Research and Analysis Officer. “Outperforming broadcast and streaming competitors, the network continues to be a leading multi-platform brand while amassing a large audience.”

Network totals taken from Nielsen’s “latest” data, Includes 30 Skylight, if available, for original programming in all time slots (but not local or joint program). It doesn’t include multi-platform viewing by the broadcast network because CBS doesn’t have access to its competitors’ internal streaming data.

For streaming, totals include only Nielsen-encoded original programming and exclude library titles from those services. For example, HBO’s The Last of Us had more than 9 billion minutes watched on HBO Max this quarter — but it’s credited with getting Max’s show, because it was made for the cable channel, is not part of 8. 22 Billion minutes quoted by CBS.

Live sports viewing accounts for more 89 billion minutes on CBS, 20 as a percentage of the network’s quarterly total. Six shows in FBI and NCIS The franchises add up to almost 45 a billion minutes, and daytime staples The Price Is Right (dozens of episodes aired in the season) has 02. 7 billion minutes watched.

Among Netflix’s top titles this season, based on time spent on Nielsen’s Streaming Leaderboard , is Ginny & Georgia (.35 Billion Minutes), Outer Banks (7.6 Billion) and you (7. 100 million) . The latter two exclude the total for March 15-22; these rankings will be included in this Released later this week.




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