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Netflix debuts Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan in 'Heart of Stone'

Netflix starring in its upcoming spy thriller Heart of Stone Gal Gadot as Rachel Stone, Jamie Dornan as Parker and Alia Bhatt as Keya Dhawan.

“You know what you’re signed up for,” the voiceover opens with a short film shared Saturday at the Netflix fan convention Tudum. “No friends. No relationship. What we do is too important.”

Short video at Heart of Stone and behind the scenes Switch between scenes, including interviews with the movie’s three stars.

Heart of Stone is going to be epic,” Gadot said . “It’s a super solid, raw action thriller.”

The nearly one-and-a-half minute video contains tons of explosions, car chases, epic battle scenes, Various weapons and skydiving, among other spy thriller features.


“It has these characters that you can really relate to and feel To,” Bhatt shared, and Dornan added, “there’s a lot going on on such a large scale.”

The plot details of the film are mostly kept secret, but it tells the story of The life of CIA agent Rachel Stone as an international spy.

“We really wanted to make sure we stayed realistic so people could feel the pain,” added Gadot. “Rachel Stone lives off adrenaline. She’s addicted.”

Tom Harper Heart of Stone also starred Matthias Schweigfer, Sophie O’Conedo, Jing Ruth, Paul Reid, Archie Madekwe, Helga Kristín Helgadóttir and Jónas Alfreð Birkisson. The movie will be aired on 2023.

This year’s Tudum marks Netflix’s second attempt at a fan convention, with Stranger Things , Bridgerton, Shadow and Bone, Emily in Paris, Wednesday, Never Have I Ever, You and more.




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