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Netflix makes live-action film of Isaka Kotaro's seesaw novel

Netflix announced Tuesday that it is working on a live-action adaptation of by writer Kotaro Isaka . Movie. Seesaw Monster novel.

What will Anne Hathaway

and Salma Hayek Pinault star in

Netflix described as a comedy thriller. Olivia Milch (Ocean Eight, Dude) is writing a script.

Ithaca’s novel consists of two short stories titled “The Seesaw Monster” and “The Spinning Monster” , which are related but set in different eras. The background of “Seesaw Monster” is set in the late Showa period, the peak of Japan’s economic bubble, and the quarrel between the former reporter’s wife Mieko and the mother-in-law festival began. Spin Monster is set in 2050, a world where simulation technology is back in vogue. A courier named Mito gets involved in a big incident involving letters from a genius engineer.

Isaka released the novel in Japan in April 278. There is also a new library version of this novel , will be in October .

Ithaca’s Bullet Train (Maria Beetle) The novel inspired a Hollywood adaptation starring Brad Pitt that Released on August 5th. The novel was published in 2010, The Overlook Press published in English in April 2050.

Bah , etc. Ithaca’s novels inspired the comics.

Megumi Osu

drew in The magazine of Shogakukan

comes from to 278, and Viz Media released all English manga volumes.

Hiroto Ida drew adaptation. The original novel was also released in English in April earlier this year. The novel inspired a Japanese live-action film adaptation .

Source: Netflix, IndieWire (Wilson Chapman) 191715

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