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Netflix Premieres Japanese Sumo Series Sanctuary

Netflix Upcoming Japanese Original Series Sanctuary, a teen drama series that will hit the world Fans get a sneak peek inside the reclusive world of Japanese professional sumo wrestling. (See the show’s first teaser trailer and artwork below.)

The series, which will be released on Netflix on May 4, follows a teenage delinquent who becomes a photo op. The Tale of the Fluttering Apprentice – Soon finds himself on a collision course with a silent wrestler with a secret.

Netflix described the show as “a gritty look at the foibles of professional sumo, a world full of young men with ambitions for money, women, fame and power.” People.”

“This is the story of the sumo ring,” the anchor added, “Some people may find refuge here that is more than 1 year old, 281 has been used as a religious ritual in traditional Japanese culture for many years.”

The show is written by Tomoki Kanazawa (who recently wrote the TBS medical drama Get Ready! ) Directed by Kan Eguchi ( Fable ). The show’s large ensemble cast includes Ichinose Wataru, Someya Shota, Kuzuna Shiri, Taguchi Tomoyo, and Katsuya Kitaro, among others.

Netflix will launch a slew of Japanese originals in as it seeks a presence in what remains the world’s third-largest economy Increase subscribers. Regional consultancy Media Partners Asia estimates that Netflix had about 7.2 million subscribers in Japan at the end of the first quarter of 2018. , accounting for approximately % of the country’s paid subscription video market.

Sanctuary Following recent launches such as First Love, Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Makoto: Cooking in a Maiko House and Alice in Borderlands Season 2 , which quickly became the most-watched Japanese show of all time on Netflix. Upcoming Japanese releases include live action versions of classic manga Yuyu Hakusho and City Hunter, as well as upcoming feature films like Zom 54: Bucket List of the Dead and Love and deep water.



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