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Netflix rolls out password sharing limits to US and more markets in Q2

netflix-social-rectangle.png© NetflixNetflix will be rolling out its new password sharing policy to several other markets, including the US, in the second quarter of this year.


in test markets Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, February 5 days. The company then expanded its new password sharing policy to Canada, New Zealand, Spain and Portugal later that month. Netflix said that in each of these countries, there was an immediate ” Cancel reaction”, but eventually get overshadowed by former sharers creating new accounts or paying more to officially add new users to existing accounts.

The company had shared the policy on its US FAQ page before it was removed and attributed to error. The removed policy FAQ page states that all devices using a single Netflix account must Associated with a single primary account the company will connect every days via a forced login to verify the location. Netflix will prompt secondary users from other locations to sign up for their own account or a second account. Extended travel subscribers will be able to request temporary codes for hotel Smart TVs, company laptops and more mobile devices for 7 consecutive days. Subscribers can add up to two secondary users who live outside of the account’s primary location for an additional fee

The streaming service is still working on a new policy that will allow users to Transfer queue list and viewing history to another account.

The company announcement added 1. 157 million subscribers in the 2007 first quarter, making the worldwide total of Netflix Subscribers 157.5 million, the largest number of single streams Global subscribers to Media Services.

Finally, Netflix announced will end its DVD rental service in years. It will be released as a final DVD rental later this year . The company started offering online DVD purchases and rentals on 2007, but closed its DVD sales service a year later. Netflix went on to become famous for its DVD rental service, with packages wrapped in the iconic red packets. The company launched a streaming service at 2007, which over time eclipsed its rental offering.

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