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Neustar and InfoSum team up to expand cleanrooms for advertisers

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Today, identity management company Neustar announced the availability of its Neustar unified in the InfoSum Data Clean Room Identity Suite.

Data collaboration enables multi-party identity and secure data for brands, agencies and publishers across the advertising supply chain.

As a result of the partnership, every InfoSum customer will have access to Neustar identity capabilities. Neustar was acquired by global information company TransUnion in 2021.

What this means for marketers. Advertisers in InfoSum’s clean room will be able to use Neustar’s identity tools to further segment and target consumers in a privacy-compliant manner, further enriching advertisers’ first-party data.

Advertisers cannot access consumer data outside of their own first-party customer sources. Instead, they will use the InfoSum Data Clean Room as a secure site where overlapping datasets with Neustar Unified Identity are compared and analyzed, resulting in a larger target audience that advertisers can then use for omnichannel campaigns.

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Why do we care. Brands want to get the most out of their first-party data, as third-party technologies like cookies become less reliable for advertisers in the long run. That’s where secure data and privacy-enhancing technology (PET) companies like InfoSum come in. InfoSum also recently partnered with enterprise CDP ActionIQ.

By enriching first-party data with cleanrooms, advertisers can deliver more relevant ad campaigns while maintaining privacy compliance. Publishers can also sell inventory more efficiently by leveraging what they know about their audiences without going beyond their own data disclosure agreements.

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