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Nevada Athletic Commission investigates brawl at UFC 279 press conference

Caused the cancellation of the original plan The incident last Thursday’s UFC 279 press conference is under investigation by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Press conference cancelled at the last minute due to some alleged incidents involving Khamzat Chimaev, Kevin Holland, Nate in the background Diaz and his associated entourage, which reportedly included Chimayev’s chest shove at Holland, and at least one bottle during the heated scuffle.

“It’s… crazy, I don’t even know what to call it… 22 years, no matter how long I’ve been doing it, We’ve never had an event like today,” White told a news conference after choosing to cancel. “All hell broke out. We stopped it, but we didn’t do the job of not letting it happen. I don’t know what happened here. It’s never happened before and we’ll be ready for it next time.”

“It wasn’t just one thing that broke out and happened. There’s a lot going on at the same time. …once this all just started to break out, it was a total shit show. “

The Nevada State Commission, which oversees regulation of the sport in the state, said in a statement that such incidents “discredit the sport” and could expose anyone involved to “Civil and Criminal Liability”.

” Nevada State Athletics Chairman Stephen J. Klubeck and Executive Director Jeff Mullen is aware that the UFC press conference on Thursday, September 8, 2022, was canceled midway through the event. Early reports indicate that an altercation occurred before and during the press conference, possibly involving licensed fighters and their associates,” their statement read.

“The chairman has been communicating Chat with UFC executives about the events of September 8th. The UFC is currently working with the Nevada State Athletic Commission to conduct a full investigation into the incident. If the Nevada State Athletic Commission determines that a licensee has misconducted, we will take appropriate disciplinary action against all involved.

Quarrel may damage the reputation of the sport of hand-to-hand combat and is totally unacceptable. Additionally, such conduct may subject participants to civil and criminal liability. The Nevada Athletic Commission will take strong and decisive action to protect and elevate unarmed combat in Nevada. Rings or cages, up to and including confiscation of wallets, revocation or suspension of any current licenses, rejection of applications from new applicants, or rejection of future license renewals.

“We want Pro Nevada fighters to behave like pros.”




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