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New $1M Ad Campaign for Bitcoin Mining After Ethereum Merger

  • The Climate Group wants Bitcoin to follow Ethereum from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms.
  • The groups announced new The $1 million ad was designed to pressure Bitcoin and companies like Fidelity, PayPal, and Jack Dorsey’s Block to help push the agenda.
  • When “change the code, Bitcoin users already scoffed at the calls when the campaign was first launched in March.

It’s bound to happen, so it’s already happened.

A new campaign is underway targeting Bitcoin’s energy usage as a proof-of-work (PoW) network . The debate got a new boost after Ethereum finally launched its software upgrade via Merge to become a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain.

As Ethereum cuts its energy consumption by 99.95%, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin confirms it will enable global energy With a 0.2% reduction in consumption, many environmental groups want Bitcoin to follow suit.

Bitcoin is an “outlier,” groups claim

A statement from the Environmental Working Group on Thursday said a $1 million advertising campaign has been launched to drive interest in bitcoin ” Outdated” rethinking of the PoW consensus mechanism.

In addition to online advertising, Greenpeace’s initiative is applying to Fidelity Investments – which recently put Bitcoin added to its clients’ retirement (401(k)) accounts – to drive the transition from PoW BTC to PoS. Other players mentioned in the release are PayPal and Jack Dorsey’s Block (formerly Square Inc.).

“Changing the Code, Not the Climate” Director Michael Brune Says Bitcoin Needs Examine the climate crisis and take responsibility. He noted:

As fires and historic floods around the world destroy lives and livelihoods , national federal leaders and corporate executives are racing to decarbonize as quickly as possible. Ethereum has shown that it is possible to switch to energy efficient protocols with far less climate, air and water pollution. Other cryptocurrency protocols have been operating on efficient consensus mechanisms for years. Bitcoin has become an outlier, blatantly rejecting its climate responsibility.

For“ Change the norm, not the climate” panel, Congress and the Biden administration are discussing the process by which they are trying to advance campaign goals.

After the $5 million anti-BTC campaign launched in March, Bitcoin users have told the group that it will not happen Such a thing. In fact, people point out that Bitcoin mining has gone green globally.

Darin Feinstein, co-founder of blockchain-focused firm Core Scientific, explains why Greenpeace should be the source of Bitcoin And war is not against. His March tweet:

) #Greenpeace should be #Bitcoin #Bitcoin
while fighting unbanked
Provide private property for the oppressed

Eliminate censorship transactions
Let everyone have money that does not depreciate
Unable to seize


with only .0014 world energy — Darin Feinstein (@DarinFeinstein ) March 29, 2022

So, will ethereum merge give “ change code, not climate” movement brought the impetus it wanted to make “change” happen? .



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