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New acne treatment 'exciting', but Europe will have to wait

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touted as the first real breakthrough The new acne treatment has been available in the U.S. for several months for decades, but when it hits shelves in Europe and elsewhere remains unclear.

Topical cream clascoterone could give three-quarters of teens new hope for relief from red pimples and oily skin – and many adults.

While acne is so common, new acne treatments are rare—despite recent research revealing how diet plays a role effect.

But experts hailed clascoterone as the first new type of acne treatment in nearly 40 years.

“The exciting thing about clascoterone is that it is a completely new mechanism of action that addresses the basic hormone (why) is The root cause of all acne,” US dermatologist John Barbieri told AFP.

For a long time, there are two main types of acne treatments. One uses antibiotics to target acne-causing bacteria, while the other stops dead skin cells from building up.

Cells are less receptive to hormones that produce sebum, an oily substance that normally keeps skin moist, but acne The patient produces excess sebum.

There are also pills for these hormones. But they are usually birth control pills, so they are only prescribed for women. And by directly affecting the body’s hormone production, they can have more serious side effects.

‘Very small company’

2020 Posted in A study in the journal JAMA Dermatology found that clascoterone was better than a placebo — and had no significant side effects.

The study was enough to convince U.S. authorities to approve the treatment, which doctors have been able to prescribe since late last year .

French dermatologist Emilie Sbidian cautioned that the study did not compare clascoterone with existing treatments,” So we don’t really know where to put it.”

But she said the ointment is “very interesting” because it can be used for reluctance to use other drugs or with other treatments Methods are used in combination to provide new options for patients.

But people with acne are unlikely to get this drug anytime soon in Europe.

The wait was not part of the health authorities because of any reluctance towards the drug. The European Medicines Agency told AFP it had not even begun evaluating the drug.

The time frame instead boils down to the fact that the company that makes the drug is Cosmo Pharmaceuticals in Switzerland.

“As a very small company, we first focused on our largest market, Diana Harbour, head of Cosmo Dermatology Diana Harbort said.

Looking for a partner

She told AFP, “There is no such thing as a big Companies are interested in acne”, noting that major pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Sanofi and Novartis do not sell acne drugs.

This means that Cosmo needs a partner to distribute the drug in each new world region. In the US, clascoterone is distributed by Sun Pharma Corporation.

In its latest financial statement released this week, Cosmo announced that it has found a distribution partner in China.

Also agreed to work with Sun Pharma reaches deal to expand to Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Australia and New Zealand.

So why spend so much How long will it take to find a European partner? Cosmo points to the COVID-19 pandemic, saying it has slowed the market for such drugs.

However, financial analyst Jamila El Bougrini said “the dermatology market is quite active”.

“I think the group’s strategy There is a mistake,” she told AFP

Analysts have a hard time understanding why Europe’s medical authorities have not started assessing Klaas Coketone.

She also pointed out that in recent years Cosmo has tried to sell its dermatology — its only product is clascoterone — But failed due to lack of interest.

El Bougrini questioned whether it would be difficult to attract investors if the treatment did not prove to be more effective of interest than existing drugs.

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