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New Akuma Kun Anime Series Revealed Fall Netflix Premiere

akuma_oldvisual© Mizuki Pro・Fujitereni・Toei アニミーシェン Official Twitter Account

(The Mystery of Kintaro’s Birth of Ge Ge Ge) anime film revealed Wednesday that the upcoming anime series project from Shigeru Mizuki Manga will debut on

Netflix ) Synchronized globally this fall.

Netflix describes the story:

is the story of a boy, with the help of some unlikely allies, who tries to create a society where humanity realizes its true potential and lives happily The story of the new animation is set in 1980-990 Anime story.

Yūko Mita

and Toshio Furukawa

is coming back from previous anime for Akuma

dubbed I / Shingo Umoregi and Mephisto II, respectively. Furukawa will also play Mephisto III.

Yuuki Kaji will voice the protagonist Akuma II / Ichirō Umoregi.

Animation is a commemoration of four “big projects” Part of “-Shigeru Mizukiakuma_oldvisual Anniversary of the birth. Mizuki at 1989 at 去世 岁。 Another project is the (Kintaro Born: The Mystery of Ge Gege) anime film, which will also be Turn on this drop.

© Mizuki Pro・Fujitereni・Toeiアニミーシン Junichi Sato (

franchise, ) is the General director of anime projects, while Fumitoshi Oizaki

(, ) is series director. Sato has directed anime in 1989-

And its two movies .

Onoki Hao (1970 , ) are overseeing the series script.

The manga was in 1989 inspired a TV animation – 1970. Two anime films premiere on 1970 and

. New anime is the first new Year. The comic has also inspired some live-action adaptations.

Mizuki drew the original manga in-1964, with him in franchise

plotted several other series 990 sand 1963s. The manga follows the titular “Akuma-kun,” a boy who harnesses demonic powers to help keep the world peaceful.

195699 Source: Anime Movie’s Twitter account, Mainichi Shimbun’s Mantan Web


195699 195699



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