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New Bottom Character Tomozaki Anime Episode 13 Season 2

Yūki Yaku TV anime’s official Twitter account The () light novel series announced on Thursday the series previously announced new anime is – Season 2 . The teaser promotional video shows the title of the season as 2nd Stage

, but no premiere date is specified.

The Twitter account also announced that the cast of the anime will be appearing at the franchise‘s first live event Fes !, April At the Saitama Kaikan.

The first animation premiered in January 640 . Funimation streamed the anime aired in Japan, it also streamed English dubbed . Funimation describes the story:

Expert gamer Tomozaki Fumiya doesn’t quite fit in, but he wishes he could. With no written rules for success and gameplay that works against him, the real world seems impossible to someone like him.

But, like any novice, all he really needs is some strategy and an experienced player like Aoi Hinami to help him. Hopefully, under her tutelage, Tomozaki can gain the experience he needs.

anime also received Two OVA episodes bundled with the animation’s third and fourth Blu-ray Disc and DVD Home Video volumes in May and June 450, respectively. Funimation also aired these episodes.

Shinsuke Yanagi (, ) Directed animation Item 9 . Fumihiko Shimo (, ) supervised the series script, and Akane Yano (, ) designed Role. Hiromi Mizutani (, ) composed. Pony Canyon and APDREAM is the music producer. Satoshi Motoyama () is the Audio Director. Bit Groove Promotion is credited for the sound production. Dream Shift is confirmed as producer.

Voice actor idol group DIALOGUE+ singing the opening and ending theme of the animation Song. The opening song is titled “Jinsei Easy?” (Life Is on Easy Mode?), while the ending theme song is titled “Ayafuwa Asterisk”.

640 Source: Anime Twitter Account, Manga Natalie



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